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Vond was a side project of Håvard Ellefsen of Mortiis. Vond is the 'dark side' of Mortiis, so to speak. On the debut album, Selvmord, the musical styles of Vond were very similar to early Era 1 Mortiis, but on The Dark River album, it features samplers and a different melody structure than other Mortiis works. The final album. Green Eyed Demon, is almost only made up from samples from movies such as The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Deranged, accompanied by a dismal, droning music line.

It is unknown if Mortiis plans to release anything under Vond again, so the project's status should be categorised as "On hold". However, Mortiis has spoken of how the direction Vond was going would eventually end up being the style of His Era 3 work - that being aggressive, loud industrial rock.

A 10" entitled "AIDS to the people" was supposed to be released in 1996, however this never happened. Probably parts of that were used for The Dark River.

The Selvmord album was rereleased under the name Slipp Sorgen Løs in the US with different artwork, due to the theme being so "aggressive" (Selvmord is Norwegian for Suicide).