Wake Me When the War Is Over

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Wake Me When the War Is Over
Wake Me When the War Is Over poster
Directed by Gene Nelson
Produced by Sidney Morse
Gene Nelson
Written by John Aylesworth
Frank Peppiatt
Starring Ken Berry
Eva Gabor
Werner Klemperer
Music by Fred Steiner
Cinematography Archie R. Dalzell
Edited by Leon Carrere
Thomas-Spelling Productions
Distributed by American Broadcasting Company
Release date
October 14, 1969
Running time
74 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Wake Me When the War Is Over is a 1969 American comedy made-for-TV film starring Ken Berry and Eva Gabor, and directed by Gene Nelson. It first aired on ABC.


The film tells the story of Lieutenant Roger Carrington (Berry), a soldier fighting for the United States Army Air Forces during the closing days of World War II. After accidentally falling out of a plane and landing in German territory, he is hidden by a local baroness named Marlene (Gabor). Luckily, Marlene is against the Nazis, and sympathizes with Carrington, taking him under her wing to recover, and eventually falling in love with him.

Unfortunately, when World War II ends, Marlene realizes that Carrington will leave when he finds this out. Not wanting him to go yet, she decides not to tell him about the war ending so he will stay, and she manages to keep him with her for nearly five years. Around then is when Carrington convinces himself that it's his duty to continue fighting and he leaves Marlene's estate, not realizing he's now in a peacetime country. The only problem is, no one can tell him the war is over because no one around him speaks English including the Baroness' maid Eva who accompanies him.

The plot is similar to the 1965 film Situation Hopeless... But Not Serious.


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