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Gender masculine
Word/name Germanic
Meaning "rule"+"fame"; "famous ruler"
Other names
Alternative spelling Valdemar, Waldomar
Variant form(s) Valdamarr, Voldemārs, Voldemar, Woldemar
Related names Vladimir

Waldemar is an Old High German given name. It consists of the elements wald- "to rule" and -mar "fame".

The name is sometimes considered the equivalent of the Slavic name Vladimir.

The Old Norse form Valdamarr (also Valdarr) occurs in the Guðrúnarkviða II as the name of a king of the Danes. The Old Norse form is also used in Heimskringla, in the story of Harald Hardrada, as the name of a ruler of Holmgard (Veliky Novgorod), in this case as a translation of the Slavic name Volodimer.[1] The Fagrskinna kings' sagas also have Valdamarr as the translation of Slavic Volodimer/Vladimir, in reference to both Vladimir the Great and Vladimir Yaroslavovich. The German form was introduced to Scandinavia as Valdemar in the 12th century, with king Valdemar I of Denmark.

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