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Waltham Aircraft Clock Corporation is a company specializing in the manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical aircraft clocks, established in 1994 in Ozark, Alabama.


The Waltham Aircraft Clock Corporation's history originates 1854 on the banks of the Charles River, in Waltham, Massachusetts, with the Waltham Watch Company.

In 1957, at the demise of the watch manufacturing division, the clock division was separated, firstly under the name Waltham Clock Company, and at a later date, Waltham Precision Instruments Company.

The manufacturing of aircraft clocks continued in the original Waltham Building until February 1994, when Prime Time Clocks Co., purchased the remaining manufacturing line and incorporated it in the state of Alabama under its current name.

Prime Time Clocks Co[edit]

Prime Time Clocks had already been the depot level repair facility for all mechanical aircraft clocks for the U.S. Department of Defense since 1982.

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