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Marine architecture is the design of architectural and engineering structures which support coastal design, near-shore and off-shore or deep-water planning for many projects such as shipyards, ship transport, coastal management or other marine and/or hydroscape activities. These structures include harbors, lighthouses, marinas, oil platforms, offshore drillings, accommodation platforms and offshore wind farms, floating engineering structures and building architectures or civil seascape developments. Floating structures in deep water may use suction caisson for anchoring.[1][2][3][4][5]

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  • Cofferdam – Barrier allowing liquid to be pumped out of an enclosed area, a temporary water-excluding structure built in place, sometimes surrounding a working area as does an open caisson.
  • Offshore geotechnical engineering – Sub-field of engineering concerned with human-made structures in the sea
  • Civil engineering – Engineering discipline focused on physical infrastructure
  • Marine engineering – Engineering and design of shipboard systems
  • Ocean engineering – Engineering and design of shipboard systems
  • Oceanography – Study of physical, chemical, and biological processes in the ocean
  • Earth materials – physical constituents of the Earth
  • Floating wind turbine – Type of wind turbine
  • Geotechnical engineering – Scientific study of earth materials in engineering problems
  • Geotechnical investigation – Work done to obtain information on the physical properties of soil earthworks and foundations
  • Geotechnics – Scientific study of earth materials in engineering problems
  • Ocean – Body of salt water covering the majority of Earth
  • Offshore construction – Installation of structures and facilities in a marine environment
  • Offshore (hydrocarbons)
  • Submarine pipeline – Pipeline that is laid on the seabed or below it inside a trench
  • Subsea – Technology of submerged operations in the sea
  • Subsea production system – Wells located on the seabed
  • Wellhead – Component at the surface of a well that provides the structural and pressure-containing interface

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