We Two Are One Too

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We Two Are One Too
Video by Eurythmics
Released April 1990
Recorded 1989-90
Genre Music Compilation Video
Length 60 mins
Label BMG
Director Sophie Muller
Producer Oil Factory Productions
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We Two Are One Too
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We Two Are One Too is a music compilation video released by the British pop group Eurythmics.

Released in 1990 on VHS tape format and Laserdisc (Europe and Japan), it features the promo videos for the five singles taken from their platinum-selling 1989 album We Too Are One, interspersed with montages and footage (both on and off stage) from their worldwide concert tour the same year. Though not strictly a "video album" in the same vein as the one produced for Savage in 1988, all of the tracks from the We Too Are One album are included in the video in some form or other.

The video was directed by Sophie Muller, with the exception of the promos for "The King and Queen of America" (directed by Willy Smax) and "Revival" (directed by Philippe Gautier). This is the only commercially available release of the "Revival" video, which has not been included on any of the band's subsequent video compilations.

Track listing[edit]

  • "We 4 are 3" (intro montage) 2.38
  • "We Two Are One" (live and acoustic versions) 1.30
  • "I Love You Like A Ball and Chain" (live version) 1.17
  • "Don't Ask Me Why" (promo) 4.20
  • "How Long?" (improvisation with Dave Stewart singing and Annie Lennox on guitar) 2.09
  • "You Hurt Me (I Hate You)" (album version) 0.30
  • "(My My) Baby's Gonna Cry" (promo) 4.52
  • "We Two Are One" (live version) 0.23
  • "I Need You" (improvisation) 2.19
  • "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" (improvisation with Dave Stewart and a group of schoolchildren) 1.30
  • "The King and Queen of America" (promo) 4.19
  • "Love Is A Stranger" (live version) 0.25
  • "Sylvia" (album version) 1.28
  • "Revival" (promo) 3.59
  • "Farewell to Tawathie" (traditional Scottish folk song) (improvisation) 2.30
  • "Angel" (promo) 5.05
  • "Ballad of Eurythmics Road Crew" (soundcheck improvisation with Dave Stewart singing and Annie Lennox on drums) 1.23
  • "When The Day Goes Down" (album and live versions) 6.21

Music credits[edit]

All songs written by Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, except:

  • "You Hurt Me (I Hate You)" written by Annie Lennox/Dave Stewart/Chucho Merchan
  • "Revival" written by Annie Lennox/Dave Stewart/Charlie Wilson/Patrick Seymour
  • "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" by Marks
  • "Ballad of Eurythmics Road Crew" by Dave Stewart
  • "Farewell to Tawathie" (traditional)

Music produced by David A. Stewart and Jimmy Iovine.