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Wesleyan University and Wesleyan College are the names of educational institutions derived from the adjective Wesleyan.

Colleges and universities named Wesleyan include:

Institution Founded Location Affiliation & notes
Wesleyan University 1831 Middletown, Connecticut Independent. Liberal arts college.
Wesleyan College 1836 Macon, Georgia Independent. Women's liberal arts college.
Wesleyan University Philippines 1946 Cabanatuan, Philippines Independent. Primary, secondary and tertiary school.

Colleges and universities with Wesleyan in their name include:

Institution Founded Location Affiliation & notes
Central Wesleyan College 1864 Warrenton, Missouri Methodist Church. Defunct.
Dakota Wesleyan University 1885 Mitchell, South Dakota United Methodist Church.
Genesee Wesleyan Seminary 1831–1942 Lima, New York Not strictly college level.
Illinois Wesleyan University 1850 Bloomington, Illinois Independent. Liberal arts college.
Indiana Wesleyan University 1920 Marion, Indiana The Wesleyan Church.
Iowa Wesleyan College 1843 Mt. Pleasant, Iowa United Methodist Church.
Kansas Wesleyan University 1886 Salina, Kansas United Methodist Church
Kentucky Wesleyan College 1850 Owensboro, Kentucky United Methodist Church.
Nagasaki Wesleyan University 1881 Isahaya, Nagasaki, Japan unknown
Nebraska Wesleyan University 1887 Lincoln, Nebraska United Methodist Church
North Carolina Wesleyan College 1956 Rocky Mount, North Carolina United Methodist Church.
Ohio Wesleyan University 1842 Delaware, Ohio United Methodist Church.
Oklahoma Wesleyan University 1909 Bartlesville, Oklahoma The Wesleyan Church.
Roberts Wesleyan College 1945 North Chili, New York Free Methodists.
Southern Wesleyan University 1906 Central, South Carolina The Wesleyan Church.
Tennessee Wesleyan College 1857 Athens, Tennessee United Methodist Church.
Texas Wesleyan University 1890 Fort Worth, Texas United Methodist Church.
Virginia Wesleyan College 1966 Norfolk, Virginia United Methodist Church.
West Virginia Wesleyan College 1890 Buckhannon, West Virginia United Methodist Church.

Learned societies with Wesleyan in their name include:

Society Founded Journal Notes
Wesleyan Theological Society 1966 Wesleyan Theological Journal
Wesleyan Philosophical Society 2001 Wesleyan Philosophical Online Journal Wesleyan Philosophical Society

Other colleges and universities with a Wesleyan affiliation include:

Institution Founded Location Affiliation & notes
Asbury University 1890 Wilmore, Kentucky Wesleyan-Holiness Tradition
Kingswood University 1945 Sussex, New Brunswick The Wesleyan Church
Houghton College 1883 Houghton New York The Wesleyan Church
Kentucky Mountain Bible College 1931 Vancleve, Kentucky Wesleyan Arminian & Theology
Wesley Biblical Seminary 1974 Jackson, Mississippi Theological Education
Wesley Seminary 2009 Marion, Indiana The Wesleyan Church
Indiana Wesleyan University

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