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The West Coast Eagles have drafted players through the Australian Football League's draft system, beginning with the 1988 VFL Draft. The West Coast Eagles have participated in every National Draft since then, and also participated in the Pre-season Draft (first held in 1989), the Mid-season Draft (held from 1990–1993), and the Rookie Draft (first held in 1997). So far, the West Coast Eagles have drafted over 200 players through the draft system, with another 30 or so being recruited via the VFL's old zone recruitment system prior to 1993.

1987 pre-season[edit]

West Coast Eagles inaugural squad
Senior list Coaching staff

Head coach

Assistant coach

  • (c) Captain
  • (vc) Vice captain
  • Cruz Roja.svg Long-term injury list
  • Arrow-up.png Upgraded rookie

Updated: 28 June 2011
Source(s): Eagles Flying High

1988 pre-season[edit]

1989 pre-season[edit]

1990 pre-season[edit]

1991 pre-season[edit]

1992 pre-season[edit]

1993 pre-season[edit]

1994 pre-season[edit]

1995 pre-season[edit]

1996 pre-season[edit]

1997 pre-season[edit]

1998 pre-season[edit]

1999 pre-season[edit]

2000 pre-season[edit]

2001 pre-season[edit]

2002 pre-season[edit]

2003 pre-season[edit]

2004 pre-season[edit]

2005 pre-season[edit]

2006 pre-season[edit]

2007 pre-season[edit]

2008 pre-season[edit]

2009 pre-season[edit]

2010 pre-season[edit]

2011 pre-season[edit]

2012 pre-season[edit]

List of players who were traded to the club[edit]

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