West Oder

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West Oder
0905 Odra Moczyły ZPL.JPG
West Oder in Moczyły
Country Poland
Physical characteristics
Main source 53°12′43″N 14°19′54″E / 53.2120°N 14.3318°E / 53.2120; 14.3318
Length 26.4 km (16.4 mi)

West Oder (Polish: Odra Zachodnia) is the western arm of the lower Oder near Szczecin, Poland along the border with Germany. It flows into the Oder Lagoon.

The river flows through the Lower Oder Valley forming, along with the Eastern Oder (Polish: Odra Wschodnia), an area called Międzyodrze, part of the Lower Odra Valley Landscape Park. Międzyodrze area is traversed by a network of canals and old riverbeds, linked with West Oder. Between the split of Odra arms to the Regalica, East Oder runs through the Gryfino County.

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