Ina (river)

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Ina Goleniów.jpg
Country Poland
Physical characteristics
River mouth Oder
53°32′03″N 14°38′08″E / 53.5342°N 14.6356°E / 53.5342; 14.6356Coordinates: 53°32′03″N 14°38′08″E / 53.5342°N 14.6356°E / 53.5342; 14.6356
Basin features
Progression OderBaltic Sea

The Ina (German: Ihna) is a river in northwestern Poland, a right tributary of the Oder River.

The origins of the river are in Insko Lake (Polish: jezioro Ińsko), and it flows through a succession of smaller lakes. The confluence of Ina River is localized in Police town, near Szczecin. It has a length of 129 km, and the basin area of the Ina is 2189 km².

The main towns situated on the Ina River are:

In Pomeranian history, the Ihna from 1295 to 1464 separated Pomerania-Stettin and Pomerania-Wolgast. Tributaries of the Ina are: Krępiel, Mała Ina, Reczek, Struga Goleniowska.