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Traded as OTC Pink: TVTV
Industry Digital television
Founded July 16, 2006
(as WhereverTV, Inc.)
Founder Mark Cavicchia
Headquarters Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Area served
The world
Key people
Mark Cavicchia (Chairman & CEO)
Products Internet television, Pay television, Pay-per-view
Subsidiaries WhereverTV, Inc.
Website www.wherever.tv

WhereverTV is an Over the Top (OTT) internet television platform provider located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania focused on delivering linear television programming to SmartTVs and digital media receivers, including AppleTV, Android smartphones, Amazon Fire TV, Boxee, GoogleTV,[1] iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches, Roku, and tablets via the public Internet.

The company has been providing access to free live streaming TV channels on the internet since 2007 through its Global Interactive Program Guide (officially trademarked as Global IPG) internet TV software, allowing registered users to watch TV online. In 2011, the company began selling subscription services for live television from Morocco and Greece. In 2013, WhereverTV began selling Arabic TV subscriptions.[2] WhereverTV announced plans to launch two additional services for 2013: a low-cost software application aimed at managing over 350 free, US and international channels to portable and stationary internet connected devices, and a traditional US based subscription service as an economical alternative to traditional cable and satellite offerings.[citation needed]

WhereverTV has since evolved into an alternative to fixed location subscription services such as those offered by cable companies and satellite television providers. Subscribers are able to personalize their viewing choices, subscription services and watch from any location that has Internet access. WhereverTV provides both wireless television and hard wired accessibility to TV on internet.[3]


WhereverTV's core business is subscription-based, internet television services. The Company's content packages are similar to traditional cable and satellite companies. Viewers can choose from a series of service bundles, paying more money for more channels. A la carte programming is available for in-language programming, including Greek and Arabic television channels.

Subscription Services[edit]

The following OTT TV packages are available for viewing on several device platforms described below.


WhereverTV offers 21 Arab TV channels in its ArabicTV package. Current channels include: The Arabic Channel (USA), Canal Algerie (Algeria), Al-Iraqiya (Iraq), Alalam News (Iran), iFilm Arabic (Iran), Jordan TV (Jordan), Al Mayadeen TV (Lebanon), 2M Maroc (Morocco), Al Maghribia (Morocco), Oman TV (Oman), Al Jazeera English (Qatar), Qatar TV (Qatar), Al Quraan Al Kareem TV (Saudi Arabia), Al Sunnah Al Nabawiyah TV (Saudi Arabia), Saudi Arabia TV 1 (Saudi Arabia), Sudan TV (Sudan), Southern Sudan TV (Sudan), Syria Drama (Syria), Syria Satellite Channel (Syria), TV Tunisia 1 (Tunisia), and Yemen TV. The ArabicTV package is available for $19.99 per month.[4]


WhereverTV offers 6 channels in its GreekTV package. Current lineup of Greek television channels providing live Greek TV include: Mega Cosmos, Star International, ERT World, RIK Sat, GO TelecomTV and Skai TV. A la carte subscription packages range from $14.99 to $35.99 per month.[5]

Moroccan TV[edit]

WhereverTV offers 2M Maroc live television service from Morocco. Based upon an a la carte subscription, subscribers can watch MoroccoTV live on the internet for $4.99 per month. Free to air channels from France and the Middle East are included in the MoroccanTV subscription at no additional cost.

Free internet television[edit]

WhereverTV provides access to free streaming live internet TV channels from more than 1,500 independent content sources, including broadcasts of television channels from 95 countries. Registered users of the Company's GlobalTV service can watch online television for free.[6]


The concept for what was to become WhereverTV was created by Mark Cavicchia while he was living in Shanghai, China after becoming frustrated with the complexities of trying to stream the 2005 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship tournament live on AOL by connecting his laptop to a big-screen television. He vowed to create an easy to use, portable channel guide that would work across devices and geographies and allow users to organize and watch TV online anywhere in the world.[7] Upon returning to the United States in 2006, he wrote the patent application for WhereverTV's core technology - the Global Interactive Program Guide.

The WhereverTV Portal[edit]

WhereverTV's website is a portal for consumers to browse, select, and view live television channels from around the world. Users can also update personal account information, as well as synchronize user subscriptions across devices. It launched in September 2007.[8]

The WhereverTV Receiver[edit]

To promote its Global Interactive Program Guide concept, the Company wrote its own firmware to run on the popular, open-source Neuros OSD hardware that was white-labeled and renamed The WhereverTV Receiver.[9] The first public demonstration of the WherverTV Receiver was made on 9 July 2008 at the Consumer Electronics Association's 2008 SINOCES trade show[10][11] in Qingdao, China. Subsequently, the WhereverTV Receiver debuted at the 2009 International CES trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it was covered by media outlets around the world, including the USA,[12] Poland,[13] Israel,[14] Brazil[15] and the Middle East.[16]

WhereverTV on SmartTV platforms & digital media receivers[edit]

AppleTv, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch[edit]

WhereverTV subscriptions are available for viewing on Apple, Inc. devices via a downloadable free App. The WhereverTV iOS application became available in the iTunes store in March 2013.[17] Users can watch WhereverTV subscription services (ArabicTV, GreekTV or MoroccanTV) on AppleTVs, iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches (via Airplay). All Apple devices must use iOS 4.3 or later.[citation needed]


WhereverTV subscriptions are available for viewing on Boxee devices. The first WhereverTV branded app for the Boxee Box became available in July 2011.[when?]

Android smartphone and tablets[edit]

WhereverTV subscriptions are available for viewing on Android smartphones and tablet computers. The WhereverTV Android application became available on the Google Play Store in December 2012. Currently, only ArabicTV, GreekTV, and MoroccanTV subscription services can be played on WhereverTV's Android application.[when?]


WhereverTV subscriptions are available for viewing on GoogleTV devices. The WhereverTV for GoogleTV application became available in the Google Play store in December 2012. Currently, only ArabicTV, GreekTV, and MoroccanTV subscription services can be viewed from the WhereverTV for GoogleTV app.


WhereverTV subscriptions are available for viewing on Roku devices. Roku was the first third-party over the top platform WhereverTV developed applications for. Its 2M Maroc subscription service became available on Roku in June 2011, and its GreekTV service launched in August 2011.[when?]


WhereverTV was named to 2010 Always-on's On-Media 100,[18] the Top 100 Private Companies that are pioneering the next generation advertising and marketing Internet services. The WhereverTV Receiver was named one of the 30 Most Innovative Products at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show.[19] WhereverTV's CEO was also invited to testify at a Federal Communications Commission hearing on Broadband and the Digital Future.[20]


  • Mark Cavicchia, Founder, Chairman & CEO
  • Michael Dutcher, SVP, Programming & Content Development
  • Kashif Mueen, CTO
  • Thomas Seifert, Controller

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