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"Wie Weit / How Far / En Vie"
Single by Apocalyptica featuring Marta Jandová or Manu
from the album Apocalyptica
Released 14 February 2005
23 February 2005
Format CD
Genre Cello metal
Alternative metal
Length 13:59
Label (UMG)
Apocalyptica singles chronology
"Wie Weit/How Far/En Vie"
"Life Burns!"

"Wie Weit/How Far/En Vie/Quutamo" is a single by Apocalyptica, featuring Marta Jandová and Manu (Emmanuelle Monet). It was first released under the title of "Wie Weit" on 14 February 2005, then again under the title of "How Far" on 23 February 2005. Each version had a different song line up.

All three songs are based on 'Quutamo', each time added with singing in a different language.

It was used as soundtrack in the "Death Zone" video made by the FOB Ramrod 'kill team'.[1]

Track list (Wie Weit)[edit]

  1. Wie Weit (feat. Marta Jandová) 3:27
  2. Quutamo 3:26
  3. How Far (feat. Marta Jandová) 3:27
  4. En Vie (feat. Manu) 3:28
  5. Apocalyptica Player Software

Track list (How Far)[edit]

  1. How Far (feat. Marta Jandová) 3:27
  2. Quutamo 3:26
  3. En Vie (feat. Manu) 3:28
  4. Wie Weit (feat. Marta Jandová) 3:27
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