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April 19[edit]

Category:U.S. Whig Party presidential nominees to Category:Whig Party (United States) presidential nominees[edit]

Category:Wards of Kawasaki[edit]

Category:WikiProject Schools[edit]

subcategories of Category:Wikipedian user categories[edit]

Category:Underground economy[edit]

Category:Crime books to Category:True crime books[edit]

Category:Roman Catholic secondary education to Category:Roman Catholic secondary schools[edit]

Category:Holy Cross Colleges and Universities to Category:Holy Cross universities and colleges[edit]

Category:Green Party of British Columbia to Category:Provincial political parties in British Columbia[edit]

Category: British Columbia Conservative Party to Category:Provincial political parties in British Columbia[edit]

Category:Songs with memorable riffs[edit]

Category:Hamilton Steelhawks players to Category:Hamilton Steelhawks alumni[edit]

Category:Queens, NYC[edit]

Category:WAGGGS member organization to Category:World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts member organizations and Category:WOSM member organization to Category:World Organization of the Scout Movement member organizations[edit]

Category:GCC States to Category:Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf member states[edit]