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Welcome! The American Woman, NowThis, and Paramount Network are hosting an edit-a-thon and recption on 18 May 2018.

What: WikiWomen Edit-a-thon

When: Friday, 18 May 2018. Editathon: 3:00-6:00 PM. Reception and editing event: 6:00-8:00 PM.

Where: NeueHouse

Beginners welcome! We'll provide training for new editors.

What to bring: Your laptop, power adapter, and any reference materials you'd like to work from or share.

Focus: Our primary focus will be notable women, women's works, and women's issues.


You can join the Dashboard event for this meetup here:

Twitter: #WikiWomen


This edit-a-thon is focusing on improving articles about women's biographies, women's works, and women's issues.

List of articles to improve
  • Ti-Grace Atkinson, American radical feminist author, philosopher
  • Dotty Attie, co-founder of the first all-female cooperative art gallery in America
  • Kate Austin, American journalist and advocate of feminist and anarchist causes
  • Barbara Avedon, American television writer, political activist, and feminist
  • Helen Tufts Bailie, American was a social reformer and activist
  • Jes Baker, American writer, photographer, and activist, best known for being part of the body positive movement
  • Radhika Balakrishnan, Chair of the Board of the United States Human Rights Network
  • Anne Balsamo, American writer who focuses on the connections between art, culture, gender, and technology
  • Toni Cade Bambara, African-American author, documentary film-maker, social activist, college professor
  • Christiana Carteaux Bannister, American business entrepreneur, hairdresser, and abolitionist in New England
  • Karen Barad, American feminist theorist, known particularly for her theory of agential realism
  • Judi Bari, American environmentalist, labor leader, feminist, principal organizer of Earth First!
  • Marion Harvie Barnard, American suffragist
  • Cornelia Barns, American feminist, socialist, political cartoonist
  • Kathleen Barry, American sociologist, feminist
  • Ruth Behar, Cuban-American anthropologist, writer
  • Genevieve Belleveau, American performance artist, singer
  • Jessica Benjamin, American psychoanalyst known for her contributions to psychoanalysis and social thought
  • Jessica Bennett (journalist), American journalist who writes on gender, sexuality, culture
  • Thekla M. Bernays, American author, journalist, artist, art collector, speaker, suffragette
  • Alice Standish Allen, first female engineering geologist in North America
  • Sophie Bledsoe Aberle, Native American anthropologist, physician and nutritionist known for her work with Pueblo people
  • Lilia Ann Abron, first African American woman to earn a PhD in chemical engineering
  • Janet Abu-Lughod, American sociologist with major contributions to World-systems theory and Urban sociology
  • Bernice Ackerma, American meteorologist, known for being the first woman weathercaster in the U.S. and the first woman meteorologist at Argonne National Laboratory
List of categories with articles for your consideration


This is the Dashboard list of articles created/improved during this event. This list is incomplete as not all editors logged into the Dashboard.


Citing sources video tutorial -- part one
Citing sources video tutorial -- part two

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