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Art + Bureaucracy Edit-a-Thon
An early European office, circa 1719
When and Where
DateApril 5th, 2015
Time1-5 PM
AddressStoreFrontLab, 337 Shotwell Street, San Francisco Google maps view
City, StateSan Francisco, CA 94109
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Event information

Archives of American Art - Employment and Activities poster for the WPA's Federal Art Project

This is both an Edit-a-thon and a How-to-edit-Wikipedia workshop centered around bureaucracy, systems, art, organizational theory, offices, labor movements, and anything in between. The intention of this event is to explore seemingly straightforward and relatable content areas such as office technology and office supplies in order to assist newcomers in getting acclimated to editing Wikipedia, and then move on to more complex topics involving art, systems, and labor that are poorly covered on Wikipedia. We will work toward improving these articles, and give participants skills to continue improving them following the event.

We will look to historic examples of art workers organizations and public arts projects, such as the Art Workers' Coalition of the 1960s and the Works Progress Administration of the 1930s and 1940s to discuss the impact and obstacles to organization and the function of Public art as a social cause, improving and reviewing articles as we go. (Note that these examples are just a starting point and we by no means want to restrict the topics to American projects).

We will also research and discuss historic projects involving artists forming multidisciplinary "offices" or organizations that use art to address social, environmental, and economic issues, such as the Ocean Earth Development Corporation, established in 1980 by Peter Fend, Colen Fitzgibbon, Jenny Holzer, Peter Nadin, Richard Prince and Robin Winters, as well as others that are brought to the table by participants.

Aesthetic and social theory relating to systems, art, censorship, funding, etc. will also be discussed. Please bring any reference materials you have!

Event Details

  • Date: April 5th, 2015
  • Time: 1-5 PM - you can stop by anytime during these hours and leave whenever you like. If you're not in the area, please join remotely! Use the #officework hashtag to tag your edits
  • Location: StoreFrontLab, 337 Shotwell Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 Google maps view
  • Event: An edit-a-thon, discussion group, and How-to-edit-Wikipedia workshop catered toward art workers, office workers, and anyone with an interest in systems and creativity who wants to contribute to this wonderful encyclopedia
  • Hashtag: #officework (please use this hashtag in your edit summaries. We will have the hashtag customized Listen to Wikipedia playing in the room and by tagging your edits accordingly, we'll be able to see/hear your edits live, even if you're participating remotely. This will also help us track the edits that are made during the event.)

What to bring

  • A laptop
  • Ideas for topics or articles you might want to work on (though suggestions will be provided for those just looking to be put to work)
  • Any relevant reference materials you might have
  • Friends, family (children welcome)

To Do List


We can collect potential topics and suggested articles for improvement here. Some topic areas include organizational theory, contemporary art, social practice, office management, systems theory, environmental art, arts administration, public art, office design




Articles to create


Articles to improve




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Please use this space to list any articles that you work on. At the event, we'll also be taking surveys from participants who are new to editing to get feedback on their experiences. We will post the results from these conversations here as well.