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Welcome to the WikiProject Politics Collaboration of the month! The aim of this project is to improve the quality of Wikipedia's Politics articles through widespread cooperative editing. It is our hope that some of these will go on to become featured articles.

Each month a Politics Collaboration of the month is picked. This is specifically for Politics related topics which are of high importance but are not at "Good" status. The article could be a stub or be currently listed on at the open tasks page. A bot updates Wikipedia:WikiProject Politics/Collaboration/Current with the pick, currently on the 25th of each month, and the collaboration begins. The selected article will then be the focus of a group effort to improve the article. If there is consensus that a selected article is not felt to be suitable for collaboration, then the bot will be requested to "re-roll" and select a different article. Articles that have previously been chosen for collaboration will not be chosen again. Any editor, registered or not, can help with the collaboration, and contribute to the selected article. For more information please see the Politics WikiProject.