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The Project Galatea Quarry is where project members can go to find raw material for their art: articles that need a stylistic rewrite. Anyone is welcome to add articles to this page directly, but the preferred method is to add one of the templates, below.

When looking for an article to work on, please keep in mind the following:

  • You cannot find Galatea in a pebble. If an article is very short, largely unencyclopedic, or has serious factual problems, it's probably not worth a stylistic rewrite. As a rule of thumb, it's best to focus on well-established articles with a lot of largely acceptable content.
  • When the cannons speak, the Muses are silent. If an article is in the midst of an edit war, it is best to wait for things to cool off before attempting a stylistic rewrite. Otherwise, you risk losing your changes in the conflict. Articles in a perpetual state of edit war probably can, and should, be given the Project Galatea treatment, but the project member should be very aware of what he or she is getting into.