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About the event

Imagine if you looked up your favourite film online and found… nothing. That's the case for far too many classics of feminist film.

The first ICA wiki-a-thon features a Salon with academics, filmmakers and curators. Chaired by moving image artist Sarah Turner, speakers include Elinor Cleghorn, Elizabeth Cowie, Sophie Mayer, and Lucy Reynolds.

This is a chance to further and exchange knowledge of feminist film and film theory. Bring a laptop and determination to shape history. A closed workshop will take place before the Friday Salon to post entries on Wikipedia.

Followed by a 5pm screening of She Must Be Seeing Things (Sheila McLaughlin, 1987).

After the event, one of the organisers told us:

I wanted to write to thank you so much for Wikimedia’s support on our Feminist Wiki-thon workshop last Friday. We feel it went very well and was extremely productive and thought-provoking. Thank you to the Wikimedia team for providing such great support, and advice on how to create the entries on Wikipedia.

How do I prepare?


Feminist film editathon, ICA London, 25 July 2014


The event will start with an informal editing session:

  • 12-3pm for the editathon
  • 3-5pm for a discussion
  • 5-7pm for a film screening


We anticipated up to 12 editathon participants, and were pleasantly surprised to have 18:


Below is the list of trainers that will be present on the day.

  1. Edwardx (talk) (all day)
  2. The Land (talk) 14:52, 25 July 2014 (UTC)
  3. LoopZilla (talk)
  4. Drcchutch (talk)

Articles to be created

Created (26)



Don't let anyone stop you creating these now or in the future



Articles to be translated into English

Articles to be expanded (with details of what might be needed - clean up, more links, etc)

Expanded on the day (but most need more work)

Please expand

Model filmmaker pages

These Wikipedia articles show what a good filmmaker page can look like. Study them for ideas on how to start and improve other pages, and click on "Edit" if you need to see how anything is done:

Press coverage

Some tools to help with citations