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Cake commemorating English Wikipedia's 4 million articles, prepared for the Wikimania 2012 party at Buffalo Billiards.

The Wikimedia Foundation announced in a blog post on July 13, 2012 that the English Wikipedia reached the four million article milestone. The four millionth article was Izbat Al Burj, created by Meno25. This accomplishment was achieved by the efforts of hundreds of thousands of volunteers and generous donations from the public. It couldn't have been done without YOU.

In celebration of reaching four million articles, a number of people wish to express their thanks to others for their participation and help with the project.

  • Everybody is encouraged to join in and thank those that they have appreciated.

The event[edit]

The run up to 4 million articles was quite exciting and a number of people were watching Special:NewPages closely. Featured article writer Dr. Blofeld posted a note on his talk page that today was the day to reach 4 million as he started creating articles on Turkish villages such as Liman, Hopa. As the number got closer (around 14:00, 13 July 2012 (UTC)), other FA writers joined in the push to reach the 4 million mark. Casliber started creating articles on shrubs like Grevillea evansiana (possibly in homage to the Knights who say Ni) Others created articles on highways with Floydian focusing on highways in Ontario like Ontario Highway 80 and Rschen7754 focusing on Idaho with articles like Idaho State Highway 29.

A number of people following the event, started posting updates at the village pump as the number of articles got nearer to 4 million. Kenrick95 was the first to post on-wiki that the article was Izbat Al Burj created by Meno25. Matthew Roth, the Global Communications Manager for the Wikimedia Foundation confirmed in a blog post that Izbat Al Burj was selected as the 4 millionth article, but noted that it's difficult to determine the exact 4 millionth article and noted several other articles that were created at about the same time. Mike Peel, Secretary of Wikimedia UK, made a similar announcement on the Wikimedia UK Blog and also noting Dr Blofeld's goal of reaching 4 million articles that day.

Thanks to...[edit]

You can thank the people you appreciate by adding *Thanks to <insert user name> for <insert reason>. ~~~~ to the list below.

Without the help of these generous people, and many more, this project would not be what it is today. Thanks everybody. (talk) 23:15, 13 July 2012 (UTC)

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