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This is the central page for the Great Lakes Reaches subregion of the Wikipedia Ambassador Program. We cover the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Kentucky.


Fall 2011 brings a fresh batch of campus ambassadors! (Left to right): Daniel Simanek from University of Wisconsin–Madison, Casey Coker from Illinois State University, Justin Anthony Knapp from Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis, Regional Ambassador Rob Schnautz from University of Southern Indiana, Michael James Lowry from Alverno College, Adam Hyland from Alverno College, Regional Ambassador Chanitra Bishop from Indiana University, Mayuko Nakamura from Illinois State University, and Saeed Moaddeli from Indiana University

Short-term, Regional ambassadors[edit]

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Short-term, Campus ambassadors[edit]

  • Hook at least one professor in your area and help him or her design a successful plan of action.
  • Make sure you have enough campus ambassadors for all the classes in your area. Ideally, a class should have two ambassadors, and every ambassador should be working with at least one class.
  • Encourage the most socially and technologically competent individuals in your current and former classes to become campus ambassadors; have them contact Rob.

Short-term, All ambassadors[edit]

Regional Ambassador[edit]

Ambassador Name Description/Profile Coverage
Bob the Wikipedian.jpg

Bob the WikipediaN I'm an alumnus of the University of Southern Indiana. I've been an editor of Wikipedia since 2006, an administrator since 2009, and regional ambassador for the Great Lakes Reaches subregion since 2011. I work for the Wikimedia Foundation in online communications, but I'm also a backyard zoologist, a swivel chair paleobiologist, a computer programmer, and a professional violinist. Great Lakes Reaches: Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin