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WikiAfrica Literature aims to encourage new and existing Wikipedians to create and expand the current information on authors and African Literature on Wikipedia. The project aims at inviting writers, critics, publishers, cultural institutions, new Wikipedia users, and the Wikipedia network to increase the number of entries on African literature present in the free Wikipedia Encyclopedia. The Literature project asks all those who know about authors, texts, literary genres, oral literature, linguistic, publishing houses and magazines to contribute their knowledge to this project.

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Chimurenga Magazine is a publication, of arts, culture and politics from and about Africa and its Diasporas, founded and edited by Ntone Edjabe. It produces its magazine but also other publications, events and specific projects.[1]

Currently WikiAfrica Literature supports Chimurenga Library, an online archiving project, curated by the editors of the South African magazine Chimurenga that profiles independent pan African paper periodicals from around the world. It focuses on cultural and literary magazines, both living and extinct, which have been influential platforms for dissent and which have broadened the scope for print publishing on art, new writing and ideas in and about Africa.

With its focus on innovative cultural tactics (print-on-demand, collaborative editing, content and knowledge sharing) and alternative interpretations of Africa, the Chimurenga Library is expected to become a resource for artists, writers, readers and researchers interested in discourses that go beyond official histories. It will also provide a much-needed and long overdue profile for pan African publishing at this year’s Cape Town Book Fair.

More than 20 periodicals will be featured in the Chimurenga Library at launch, and the project will continue to grow online. Writers and artists have been invited to produce new works, in the form of essays (texts and audio-visual pieces) that reflect their personal experiences and perceptions of these publications. These reminiscences and opinions will be available on the Chimurenga Library website and at the Cape Town Book Fair, 14th-17th June 2008, stand F11.

In 2007 WikiAfrica Literature participated at the Mantua Literature Festival with five WikiAfrica Workshops and conferences that have produced live African entries on wikipedia and activated experts and curious. In the same year were collected phrases by African authors in support of WikiAfrica. Four of these phrases have been published on postcards and distributed online on the lettera27 Web Site and in Italy within 150,000 Moleskine notebooks. Four other quotes were donated in 2008 by Abdourahman A. Waberi, Karen Press, Ingrid de Kok, Tsitsi Dangarembga in the occasion of the Cape Town Book Fair.

At the 2008 edition of the Festivaletteratura di Mantova, WikiAfrica promoted three round table about knowledges in Africa. The writers Nuruddin Farah, Abdourahman A. Waberi, Cristina Ali Farah, Igiaba Scego and the film director Gaston Kaboré have attended to these events.


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