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Forename IV
His Majesty visits a school in Nod, 2007
King of Somewhere, Somewhere Else, and Third Place
Reign D Month YYYY – D Month YYYY
Coronation D Month YYYY
Predecessor Queen Thingy
Successor Son II
Born {{birth date|yyyy|m|d|df=yes}}
Residence, City
Died {{death date and age|YYYY|M|D|yyyy|m|d|df=yes}}
Town, Region
Burial D Month YYYY
Region, Country
Consort Lady Wife Maidenname
m. YYYY; d. YYYY
Lady Newwife Maidenname
m. YYYY; wid. YYYY
Issue Son II
Princess Daughter, Title2 of Place2
Prince Son2 of Nod
Full name
Forename Midname Midname Midname Surname[N 1]
House House of Pies
Father Daddy, Prince of Wales
Mother Mummy Maidenname
Occupation Military; Ballet

Prince Forename, Title of Place (later Forename IV; formerly Prince Forename of Nod; born Lord Forename Surname; Forename Middle Names Surname[N 1]; D Month YYYY – D Month YYYY) was a senior/junior member of the British Royal Family, a great-grandson of Queen Thingy. He was notable for, between YYYY and YYYY, doing something or other.

Early life[edit]

Lord Forename Surname was born, on D Month YYYY, at Residence, City. He was the second son and third child of Prince Daddy, Earl of Theshire, second son and fourth child of Prince Grandad, Duke of Nod and Princess Grandad, Duchess of Nod, and his second wife, Lady Mummy Hermaidenname. He was baptised, on D Month YYYY, in the baptism room at Residence, City, by Archbishop Bob Roberts. His godparents were a considerable list of wikilinked individuals.[2]

Within months of his birth, he was created a Prince of the United Kingdom, and granted the style of Highness, becoming known as HH Prince Forename of Nod.

Dukedom of Nod[edit]

When, in a freak accident, at Somewhere, on D Month YYYY, his father and childless elder brother died within months of eachother, Prince Forename inherited his father's dukedom, and became HRH The Duke of Nod[3].


An interesting tale of how he met his wife, Lady Wife Maidenname, youngest daughter of Father Maidenname, 8th Baron of Oz and his wife, Mother Maidenname, Baroness of Oz. The couple wed, on D Month YYYY, at A Certain Chapel, Town

The Duchess of Nod died, in Place, soon after the birth of their youngest child, Prince Son2 of Nod, who died himself within months of birth.

Soon after the marriage, in recognition of his status as heir-apparent, the Duke of Nod's great-grandmother created him Prince of Wales


When, on D Month YYYY, Queen Thingy died at Buckingham Palace, the Prince of Wales ascended the throne, using the regnal name HM Forename IV.

Later life[edit]

Forename IV died, on D Month YYYY, at Windsor Castle, he was succeeded by his eldest son, Son, Prince of Wales, who ruled as HM Son II. He was buried, on D Month YYYY, at Chapel.


An assessment of their life, and notes on their legacy.

Including details of places, etc. named after them.

Titles, styles, honours and arms[edit]

Royal styles of
WikiProject British Royalty/Style guide
Insigne Britanniarum Regni.svg
Reference style His Majesty
Spoken style Your Majesty
Alternative style Sire

Titles and styles[edit]

  • D–D Month YYYY: Lord Forename Surname
  • D Month–D Month YYYY: His Highness Prince Forename of Nod
  • D Month YYYY–D Month YYYY: His Royal Highness The Duke of Nod
  • D Month YYYY–D Month YYYY: His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales
    • in Scotland: His Royal Highness Prince Forename, Duke of Rothesay
  • D Month YYYY–D Month YYYY: His Majesty The King

From his father's ascension to the throne, on D Month YYYY, until his own accession, on D Month YYYY, Prince Forename held the style "His Royal Highness Prince Forename, Prince of Wales, Duke of Rothesay, Lord of the Isles and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland."

His full style as king was "His Majesty Forename IV, by the Grace of God, of Somewhere, King, Defender of the Faith"


British Honours

Commonwealth Honours

Foreign Honours


  • 2Lt, YYYY–YYYY: Second-Lieutenant, Whatever division
  • Lt, YYYY–YYYY: Lieutenant, Whatever division

Honorary military appointments[edit]


  • YYYY–YYYY: Colonel-in-Chief, of Whatever


  • YYYY–YYYY: Colonel-in-Chief, of Canada Whatever


  • YYYY–YYYY: Colonel-in-Chief, of Japan Whatever

Other appointments[edit]


Forename's arms were: Quarterly, I and IV Gules three lions passant guardant in pale Or (for England); II Or a lion rampant within a double tressure flory-counter-flory Gules (for Scotland); III Azure a harp Or stringed Argent (for Ireland).


Name Birth Death Notes
By Lady Wife Maidenname
Son II D Month YYYY D Month YYYY married (1), YYYY, Princess Wife of Elsewhere; divorced YYYY; had issue
(2), YYYY, Princess Wife of Elsewhere; no issue
Princess Daughter, Title2 of Place2 D Month YYYY D Month YYYY married, YYYY, Husband, Title2 of Place2; had issue
Prince Son2 of Nod D Month YYYY D Month YYYY died in infancy
By Lady Newwife Maidenname
no issue


Ancestral table.

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