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Every week an Hinduism-related Collaboration of the Week will be picked using this page. The goal of each collaboration is to take an undeveloped or underdeveloped Hinduism-related topic and improve it over the course of the week, ideally to the level of a featured article. At the end of each week, the topic with the most support votes will be selected for collaboration.

The over-arching aim of this project is to improve Wikipedia's content about Hinduism and also to give users a focus and an opportunity to collaboratively edit content and to give us all something to be proud of.

You vote for an Hinduism-related topic. We edit together!

Last week's HNCOTW was Sita Ram GoelSee how it has improved.

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Archive of: [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Hinduism/Collaboration of the week/History|previous winners]§] | removed nominations

How it works:[edit]

Any registered wikipedian can nominate an article and can vote for the nominated articles. Voting also indicates interest in contributing during the weekly collaboration cycle. Every Friday, the votes are tallied, and the winner will be promoted for a week to potential contributors.

Nomination criteria[edit]

  • Please nominate only one article at a time.
  • You can nominate any Hinduism-related article that you feel needs improvement.
  • Please ensure that the article exists at least as a stub. If you are making a request for a non-existent article, please do it at Wikipedia:Requested_articles/Culture_and_fine_arts#Hinduism.
  • Select articles that interest a wider community of editors rather than those that attract only a small number of people.

To nominate an article[edit]

To add a new nomination, please:

  1. Copy the template below
  2. Paste it at the bottom' of the Candidates for next week section below. Newer nominations go below.
  3. Add the article's name and nominated date (eg: August 14) in the appropriate place as indicated in the template below.
  4. Each time you vote, please update the votes tally for the article.
  5. State your reasoning on why the article should be selected under the comments section.
  6. Please preview your addition to make sure all information is properly filled in and the links are working.
  7. After nominating an article please place {{Possible Hinduism-related COTW}} on the article's discussion page.
  8. Ensure you nominate only one article at a time.
  9. Ensure that not more six nominations are there in the pipeline. If there are six nominations already, please wait.
  10. Please make sure that you don't nominate more than one article - other editors also would like to nominate articles!! Wait till none of the noms in the pipeline are your noms.


 === [[Article Name]] (Number of votes, Nominated date) === 
# ~~~~
<i>Include a short description explaining why the article should be
 the Hinduism-related Collaboration of the week</i>.


A vote or a show of support for an article shows your commitment to support and aid in collaborating on that specific article if it is chosen. Although you are not required to fulfill that commitment, we ask that you only support articles that you are able to contribute to so that this collaboration's goals of expanding and improving articles can adequately be achieved.

Please add only support votes. Opposing votes will not affect the result, as the winner is simply the one with the most support votes (see Approval voting).


  • The article with the highest votes each Friday will be selected as that week's collaboration. In case of a tie, the candidate that was nominated first wins.
  • If an article fails to garner support for more than a month, it's nomination will be removed and moved to the Removed Nominations page. The template {{Failed Hinduism COTW | Date=Day Month Year}} is placed in the article's talk page.
  • At any given time, a maximum of 6 candidates must be open for voting. Please do not nominate additional articles when six nominations are already present.
  • Use {{Current Hinduism COTW}} at the top of the article selected for that week.
  • Use {{subst:HNCOTWvoter|pagename|pagetitle}} at voter's talk page.
  • After the HNCOTW period for an article passes, insert this on the talk page:
{{Old Hinduism COTW | Date=day Month | Year=Year | URL = diff}}.

Candidates for next week[edit]

Hanuman (Number of votes: 1, Nominated date: March 6 2007)[edit]


  1. TheRingess (talk) 17:31, 6 March 2007 (UTC)

I think that it is a start class article that could really benefit from collaboration.

OM NAMO NARAYANAYA NAMAHA May I suggest Om namo Narayanaya namaha as a topic for articles and discussions.


Nominations on other COTWs related to Hinduism[edit]


The following Hinduism-related topics have been nominated on other COTW projects. If you are interested in contributing to them, you should add your support.

Adi Shankara (Number of votes, Nominated date)[edit]


  1. |BINEET| 09:22, 28 November 2011 (UTC)

I nominate the article of Gajat Guru Adi Shankaracharya to be the featured article. .

=== Parashurama (1, 11-22-12) === 


  1. Parsh (talk) 12:52, 22 November 2012 (UTC)

Parashurama was integral in both the Ramayana and Mahabharata. The article has a great deal of potential. I believe it could be a featured article..