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Welcome to the Hong Kong Transport workgroup assessment page! Here, you will learn how to rate the quality and importance of pages within Hong Kong Transport workgroup.

Adding a page to Hong Kong Transport workgroup[edit]

Add the following code to the artcles's talk page:


Quality Scale[edit]

Here is the criteria for the rating of Hong Kong Transport workgroup:

WikiProject article quality grading scheme

Current Statistics:

Importance Scale[edit]

Label Criteria Examples
Top Articles that provide an overview of Hong Kong transport. Transport of Hong Kong
High Articles that are of great importance to the transport of Hong Kong, or major modes of transport. MTR, Cathay Pacific
Mid Minor modes of transport in Hong Kong, major stations/stops, or the corporations of major modes of transport. Sheung Shui Station
Low Stops Ginza Stop

Requests for rating[edit]

Please request for ratings here: