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Nuvola apps kuser.svg Members[edit]

Active participants[edit]

  • Apathetic.Realist - Moved here about 10 years ago. I started Indy Reads & welcome improvements, ect.
  • Exhummerdude - Born in Indianapolis and I have a wealth of local knowledge and active in many Facebook groups pertaining to the history of Indianapolis.
  • Chase I - Native to Indianapolis, live in Wanamaker.
  • Doctorindy - Most of my contributions will deal with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, etc.
  • Ejl - I started the Humane Society of Indianapolis article, the John wesley hardrick article & would like help improving them and would like to contribute to the project
  • Enfcer - Born and raised in the metro area
  • Indyguy - Born, raised, and still living on the near South Side in the Bates-Hendricks neighborhood.
  • Jherbertz - I know a lot about the eastside, but will try to help wherever needed
  • Lord Pistachio - Native Indy resident
  • Reywas92 - I live right outside and know a lot about it.
  • rogerd I have lived in NW Indy for 30 years.
  • TheHoosierState89 - I live just west and know plenty of info.
  • WhateverLolaWants - I grew up on the westside and know a lot about the city's offerings and history.
  • Missvain - Born Hoosier, living in DC, working on public art documentation.
  • Bburk - Live in Indy and Archivist at IUPUI University Library. Interested in working on entries dealing with historical events.
  • Magicevan - Love Indy and will be moving there in 1 year.
  • Rosalina523 - working on Indianapolis history topics

Inactive members[edit]

  • Basketball110 - just interested - No contributions since November 2009
  • Bedford - I love the city; would love to live there. - No edits since February 2009
  • Conanian - My main interest is researching older buildings. Not necessarily 'true' historic, but just the stories of some of the older buildings.

- No edits since June 2010

  • Indy-ed - a newbie like NeuGye. - No edits since April 2008
  • JasonT82 - Founder; Born and raised on the South Side, lives in Whiteland - No edits since November 2010
  • Josh - grew up in Broad Ripple, BRHS grad. Interested in Northside, NE and Eastside stuff, general history & culture of the city. - No edits since January 2011
  • mitzi.koons - I live on the south-west side near the airport and would like to get involved and help - preferably with research on Indianapolis businesses. - No edits since June 2008
  • NeuGye - Still learning how to do all this. Interested in helping though. - No edits since May 2010
  • Random832 - No edits since November 2009
  • Rbb9753 - I have lived in Indiana most of my life. - No edits since February 2010
  • Sedna10387 - Live in Pittsboro, Indiana. Just west of Indianapolis. Know a lot about Indy. - No edits since June 2010

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