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My Town

I have been a contributor to Wikipedia since June 2007, making small edits here and there. I am the founder of WikiProject:Indianapolis, but the project wouldn't be anywhere close to as great as it is without the help of the editors that have participated.

I mainly focus on Indianapolis-related articles to help beef up the Project, but have dabbled in other articles such as the WWE, XFL, and others. On my current To Do list are 1) Creating stubs for every media member to grace a television and/or radio in our city, 2) Putting them all into a neat category, and 3) creating stubs for every school in the Indianapolis area, categorizing them along the way.

Wikipedia Stuff[edit]


Some day I'll get around to adding all the articles that I have created/contributed to...

Articles that I've Created[edit]

Southport High School
1999 Big Ten Conference Men's Basketball Tournament
1985 NBA All-Star Game

Articles that I've Contributed To[edit]

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These are accounts that I use for specific purposes, so they don't clutter up my main account:

The Welcome Wagon[edit]

Used to welcome new Wikipedians using Friendly.


These are the WikiProjects that I am a part of:


These are the templates that I have created:

Template:WikiProject Indianapolis

{{WikiProject Indianapolis}}

Template:User WikiProject Indianapolis




My Barnstars[edit]

Indianapolis Barnstar
For creating such an awesome WikiProject! HoosierState 01:12, 11 December 2007 (UTC)

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Personal Stuff[edit]

Travel Log[edit]

Where I Am, Where I've Been, and Where I'll Go

Places I've Lived[edit]

Places I've Visited[edit]

  • My second trip out of state was to upstate New York with a group from my church, circa 1997
  • My third trip out of state was on my honeymoon. We went to Palm Springs, California, and had the time of our lives. It was so beautiful out there, and I wish I could change that state to red some day, November 2004.
  • My most recent trek outside the comfy confines of Indiana was a day trip to Chicago, Illinois. We walked through the streets of the city, visited the ESPN Zone there, and spent much of the day at Shedd Aquarium, June 2007.

Places I Want to Visit[edit]

  • Seattle, Washington is always been a place that has attracted my interest. Seems like a busy place, with great scenery, and the Space Needle has been on my list of things to see for awhile.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada what 20-something DOESN'T have Vegas on his or her list of cities to visit?
  • Salt Lake City, Utah is beautiful, judging from pictures, and holds a lot of personal history for me.
  • Denver, Colorado seems to be a great place to visit in the summer. Great mountains to check out.
  • Austin, Texas is a secret love of mine, due to my long distance relationship with the Texas Longhorns football team. I would LOVE to go to a game there one day, and Austin is just a hip place to be.
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota is one of the country's most technoligical cities. I'd be interested to go up there and check it out.
  • Cincinnati, Ohio seems like a cool place to hang out. Enjoy a Reds game or Bengals game, grab a chilli dog, etc. Plus it's only an hour or two from home.
  • Florida is Florida. Who doesn't wish they could be basking in the sun on the beaches of the Gulf even right now? Plus Disney World and Epcot, etc.
  • Connecticut has the headquarters of both ESPN and the WWE. If I ever am in New York City for a week or so, I might slide east and knock those off the list of sights to see, as well.