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Arguments for and against the various options on the WikiProject Ireland Collaboration poll[edit]

I believe that the following arguments, pro and con, are reasonably neutral. A number of editors (including me) worked on the formulations here, though at the end of the day the WikiProject Ireland Collaboration was unable to come to consensus to including these on the ballot paper.

  • Name of the article on the political entity
  • Ireland
  • Ireland (state)
  • Republic of Ireland
  • In favour: "Republic of Ireland" is a valid alternative name for the article on the political entity, per the 1948 Republic of Ireland Act: "It is hereby declared that the description of the State shall be the Republic of Ireland.".
  • Against: The intent of the Republic of Ireland Act was specifically to give a description, not a name; the only name of the political entity is specified in the Constitution of Ireland: "The name of the State is Éire, or, in the English language, Ireland".
  • Name of the article on the island
  • Ireland
  • Ireland (island)
  • In favour: The article title needs a disambiguator because "Ireland" is ambiguous. "Ireland (island)" works as a disambiguation term because it is neutral and factual.
  • Against: The term is not unambiguous. See Ireland Island, Bermuda and New Ireland (island).
  • A single article for both island and political entity
  • In favour: Historically, the island and the political entity are the same. Currently the six counties of Northern Ireland are outside its jurisdiction but this may change in the future. Encyclopedia Britannica has only a single article for the two.
  • Against: Historically, the whole island was part of the United Kingdom. Only the 26-county state became independent and this is unlikely to change in the future.
  • A third article separate from the 'island' and 'political entity' articles
  • In favour: The term "Ireland" does not have a primary meaning. An article is needed that covers all meanings of the term. The existing articles should deal only with their specific subjects.
  • Against: A disambiguation page is adequate where a term has more than one meaning.

Users who endorse this perspective[edit]

Alternative perspectives[edit]

Other statements by this user[edit]

This ballot is about a persistent problem. One very persistent problem.

  • X believes that the article should be named Ireland for a host of undeniable reasons.
  • Y believes that the article should be named Republic of Ireland for a host of undeniable reasons.

And this battle has gone on for seven years. I can only imagine that if sense were to prevail, people would realize that giving ANY weight to either Option F or to Options A and B is a dangerous way to get a situation without any compromise—and that's just going to make winners and losers. The more I think about this the more I am convinced of it. Only the configurations which include Ireland (state) offer this Project and this encyclopaedia a way out of a perennial see-saw. Those who prefer Republic of Ireland can't win by Being Right, any more than those who prefer Ireland can "win" by Being Right. None of them are right, and all of them are right. I have changed my original vote—to ensure that I give No Weight At All to Options F, A, or B—because none of these options is a genuine compromise, and our community needs a compromise. I urge everyone to think on this. It's not about whether someone prefers Ireland (state). Most people either prefer Ireland or Republic of Ireland. Where this WikiProject has succeeded is in devising a poll which offers Ireland (state) in a few configurations that could help us make the Wikipedia a better place. Avoid Option F. Avoid Option A. Avoid Option B. Choose one of the options that offers a genuine compromise, in good faith, to let us all breathe easily for at least two years. -- Evertype· 19:50, 4 August 2009 (UTC)