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WikiProject Korea
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  • (2006-09-14) September 14, 2006 (age 10)
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This is the WikiProject Korea working group for South Korean geography. The goal is to improve and expand Wikipedia's coverage of South Korean geography. Anyone with an interest in South Korean geography is welcome to join.

You can tag articles as associated with this working group by adding "skgeo=yes" to {{WikiProject Korea}} on the talk page, like this: {{WikiProject Korea|skgeo=yes}}


This group aims to massively improve Wikipedia coverage of South Korean cities and counties (시 and 군 -- for more information on these terms, see Administrative divisions of South Korea). These are the governmental units below the province level. There are about 150 such entities in South Korea today, and our articles on most of them are pathetic, little more than a one-sentence substub and a name box with "?" where the statistics should be. This project seeks to pull this ragtag clump of articles into a backbone of knowledge which can support full, intense coverage of South Korean topics. Ideally, in the long term, these articles could form the informational spine of a WikiReader on South Korea.

Recent changes[edit]

22 March 2017


Please add your name to the main list of project members if you are not yet listed there.


The long-term goals of this WikiProject are extremely ambitious, but the immediate goals can easily reach fruition. Stages 1 and 2 can easily be undertaken by anyone with an interest, and do not require any substantial local knowledge.

In stages:

1.1. Give each article a functioning infobox-template such as the one currently found at Template:Infobox Korean settlement. Incorporate statistics on area & population from a reliable source, such as the city government. All districts currently have infoboxes, but many have no statistics.

1.1.1. Include a map showing the location of the district within the province. User:Cinnamon has provided us with a marvelous suite of such maps, which can be found on the Wikimedia Commons. (Commons:Maps of Korea)

1.2. Give each article a functioning provincial navigational box such as Template:Gyeonggi. Templates have been created for all provinces.

1.3. Include external links: a link to the local government's website, English-language URL if available (only a handful of districts still lack English-language sites). Consider adding the district's Open Directory category (under ), as well as other English-language links that seem relevant. These will help provide a basis for Stage 2.

2. Avoid writing short stubs; try to include at least three full paragraphs on the more notable aspects of the district.

3. Write a properly full-length article, something in the 2-3,000 word range covering the full range of topics that a locality article will normally cover. We will want to hash out more detailed standards for articles at this stage. Although still rough, the article on Mungyeong is an example of an article that may have sort of reached stage 3.

3a. (may come before 3) Find or produce supporting images for each section of the full-length article.

4. Fact-check, thoroughly reference, and peer review.

Articles which have completed this process: Gyeongju


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Status reports[edit]

As of January 11, 2005: All articles have completed stage 1; that is, they all have at least one external link, and an infobox including stats, a location map, and a logo if available. It's all about content from here on out... If you notice one that got missed, please post here if you don't want to fix it yourself.

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