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Here you can discuss with other users about general questions and issues involving the project. Here you can be updated on important changes in the workflow status of articles tagged by this project. Here you can check the project ratings statistics, learn how to assess articles, or request us an assessment. Here you can follow the project guidelines to help you create, expand, and format articles. Here you can ask the project membership to perform a review on any of its tagged articles.

The peer review department of the Olympics WikiProject is the area where users can place requests for detailed review of articles and other pages under the scope of this project. Thanks to the knowledge that the Olympics WikiProject members possess about this topic, this process will help to raise the quality level of the reviewing article, with the intention of preparing it for a featured article or featured list nomination.

We recommend using this project-specific peer review mechanism for articles and other content rated at least Start-Class, as a way of saving reviewers' time to evaluate properly developed articles. All reviews are conducted by project members.


Requesting a review[edit]

  1. Add peer-review=yes to the {{WikiProject Olympics}} project banner at the top of the article's talk page.
  2. Click on the link that appears in the template-embedded request. This will create a page for discussing the article's review, where you can give your reasons for nominating the article.
  3. Add {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Olympics/Peer review/Name of nominated article}} at the top of the list of peer review requests below.

If an article is listed for a second (or third, and so forth) peer review:

  1. Move (do not copy) the existing peer review subpage (Wikipedia:WikiProject Olympics/Peer review/Name of nominated article) to an archive (Wikipedia:WikiProject Olympics/Peer review/Name of nominated article/Archive 1).
  2. Update the link for the last review in the {{ArticleHistory}} on the article's talk page.
  3. Follow the instructions for making a request above (editing Wikipedia:WikiProject Olympics/Peer review/Name of nominated article, which will be a redirect to the archive, into a new request page).
  4. Be sure to provide a prominent link to the last archive at the top of the request (e.g. "Prior peer review here.").


To comment on an article, please highlight your username at the top of your comments ('''Your user name'''), in order to keep multiple responses legible.


Reviews should be archived after they have been inactive for some time, or when the article is nominated as a featured article candidate. To archive a review:

  1. Replace peer-review=yes with old-peer-review=yes in the {{WikiProject Olympics}} project banner template at the top of the article's talk page
  2. Update (or add) the {{ArticleHistory}} section at the top of the article's talk page to record the review.
  3. Move {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Olympics/Peer review/Name of nominated article}} from this page to the latest peer review archive.

Peer review requests[edit]

Participation of women in the Olympics[edit]

Participation of women in the Olympics (edit | talk | history | protect | delete | links | watch | logs | views)

I am submitting this for peer review because I'd like to nominate the article for GA status. I'd appreciate input on how I could get the article to GA status. Thanks, Jith12 (talk) 23:22, 22 June 2018 (UTC)

Ski jumping at the 2018 Winter Olympics – Men's normal hill individual[edit]

Ski jumping at the 2018 Winter Olympics – Men's normal hill individual (edit | talk | history | protect | delete | links | watch | logs | views)

I am submitting this for peer review because... please consider whether the 'summary' that a user added should remain. I feel that it is unnecessary information and makes the top of the page look very busy. This is also not consistent with past Olympic pages. As a newer user I did not want to delete it without other opinions. The section in question is :

"The field included the 2014 champion and the 2017–18 FIS Ski Jumping World Cup leader Kamil Stoch, the 2014 silver medalist Peter Prevc, the 2016–17 FIS Ski Jumping World Cup overall winner Stefan Kraft, as well as the 2010 champion Simon Ammann. After the first jump, Stefan Hula Jr. was leading, with almost six points ahead of Stoch and Johann André Forfang shared second. In the second jump, both Hula and Stoch underperformed, and Andreas Wellinger, who was in the fifth position, became the Olympic champion after receiving 134.4 points for his jump, the highest scored jump of the competition. Forfang remained second, and Robert Johansson came from the tenth place to turn the bronze medalist.

At the presentation ceremony, the gifts were presented by Aki Murasato, FIS vice president."