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WikiProject VideoWiki
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Articles ready for script-writing
Scripts ready for voice-Over
ScriptsDengue script

Pneumonia_overview script
Typhoid script
Cancer overview script
Measles overview script
Simplified Dengue Script
Simplified Pneumonia Script
Simplified Typhoid Script
Simplified Cancer Script

Simplified Measles Script

Welcome to WikiProject VideoWiki. We are a group of Wikipedians interested in working on collaboratively created video. While the ideas date back to before Wikimania in South Africa in 2018, this WikiProject was born in 2019. The VideoWiki tool auto-generates videos based on wiki-scripts. A detailed description of the project can be found at the Meta page.

About this WikiProject[edit]

Editing workflow Videowiki

Our goal is to bring multimedia video summaries to Wikipedia. These videos show a series of still images or short video segments with associated text and a computer generated voiceover.

How to create a VideoWiki script[edit]

Video tutorial
  1. Create new wikipedia/videowiki script page with the title: title
  2. Add {{videowiki}} to the top
  3. Add <!-- Punctuation in this script is to control pauses during text-to-speech. Please only change punctuation for voice control. --> to the top
  4. Copy and paste the introductory section from article and add "copied from [[article_name]]" in the edit summary
  5. Hit publish and edit
  6. Chop introduction into 1 long or 2 short sentences sections
  7. Give each section a header title with ==Teaser_text_for_left_slide_title==
  8. Hit publish and edit
  9. Add pictures/media
  10. At bottom of each section add;
  11. Hit publish
  12. Hit UPDATE to upload to Commons
  13. To add the video to the article page (we suggest under the introduction) add [[File:_COMMONSNAME.webm|thumb|thumbtime=2:09|upright=1.4|Video summary ([[Wikipedia:VideoWiki/_SCRIPTNAME_|script]])]]

Additional functionality[edit]

If you want to have one thing shown and another thing read use {{ReadShow}}

Bug reports[edit]

Videowiki scripts[edit]

Links to scripts by language
Article (>1m views/yr) En-script Videowiki En-Commons Ar-scripts En-smp script Hi-script Global pageviews Or-scripts Ja-scripts
Periodontal disease link link link 835,372 link
Dengue fever link link link link link 4,222,841 link
Pneumonia link link link link link 7,656,527 link
Typhoid fever link link link link link 4,079,219 Link
Cancer link link link link link 6,006,983 link
Measles link link link link link 7,816,151 link
Hepatitis C link link link link 3,403,140 link
Major depressive disorder link link link 4,282,137 link
Tuberculosis link link link 9,782,981 link
Malaria link link link 5,211,252 link
Hypertension link link link 5,088,051 link
Cholera link link link 4032935 link
Influenza link link link 4,931,247 link
Polio link link link 3,232,354 link
Gout link link link link 5,784,094 link link
Urinary tract infection link link link 2,701,299 link
Sepsis link link link 5,449,376 link
HIV/AIDS link link link 8,614,888 link
Cystic fibrosis link link link 4,389,080 link
Schizophrenia list link link 10,680,459 link
Multiple sclerosis link link link 6,858,675 link
Appendicitis link link link 4,119,643 link
Hypothyroidism link
Cellulitis link

Derivative and translations[edit]

Dengue fever[edit]

Simplified Dengue Commons Video (Hindi - Female)
Simplified Dengue Commons Video (Estonian)
Simplified Dengue Commons Video (Arabic)
Simplified Dengue Commons Video (Bahasa - Indonesia)
Simplified Dengue Commons Video Kannada
Simplified Dengue Commons Video Tulu
Simplified Dengue Commons Video Gujrati

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