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Evolution and Evolvability



Open Access logo PLoS white.svg All text an images that I add to any wiki wiki is released under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY 4.0) - the only requirement for distribution/reuse/adaptation is attribution. If one of my images an image is incorrectly labelled, or if you're uncertain, feel free to message me to confirm.


Evolutionary landscape/fitness landscape - image
Evolvability - image?
Neutral mutation - causes and types
Experimental evolution
Bacteriophage experimental evolution - currently a crazy mess
Enzyme promiscuity
Mutations - expand 'beneficial mutations' and clean up 'DFE'
Defensin - requires overhaul
Cyclic peptide - expand and separate cyclic proteins section
Active site - new images
Binding site - new images
Oxyanion hole - image, chemistry, examples
Directional selection - improve image
Genome engineering - merge with genome editing?
Protein structure - evolution/conservation
Help:intro to pages - New welcome, MOS, navidation?
Protein stability - create or insert into existing article?
Hairpinin - create


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