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Welcome to the WikiProject Wikislice. The purpose of this project is to help editors create views and subsets and snapshots of Wikipedia content, for different audiences and formats and topics. This includes dynamic views such as featured picture boxes and "the last 15 new pages", scripted static views guided by lists of articles and directions for how to bundle them together such as Wikipedia 0.5 or a collection of great audio articles, and completely static views such as wikireaders.

Feel free to add new desired views and scripts, your own display and formatting scripts, your own snapshot and article-gathering scripts, your own ratings along various spectra, and comments on how to improve existing wikislices. Detailed discussion should be left on the talk page. Thanks to WikiProject Chemicals and WikiProject Medicine for inspiration.

This project aims to help produce useful offline readers, wikibooks, and specialized pocket references; both for the core Wikipedia readers and for children, low-literacy, vision-impaired, and other audiences. Inspiration to start this WikiProject came from the above portals and One Laptop per Child, which is gathering materials in many languages suitable for children and others with limited literacy.

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Available wikislices[edit]

Overall slice : a modified Schools Wikipedia index ...


News, participants[edit]

see other portals for how they handle this via templates or otherwise. see also m:trophy box

Userbox for the Wikislice wikiproject members:

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If you have a job for the project, please list it here:

  • Set up draft index pages for typical school subjects.
    see draft index pages
  • Seed wikislices with these index pages
  • Revise articles in slices listed above for quality and comprehensiveness; list sources of TOCs and other indices of titles
  • Update the list of recommended tools for making slices; coordinate with WP:1.0, Kiwix, Moulinwiki, KsanaWiki, and frameworks.

Wikislice ideas[edit]

  • disabilities wikislice, with modifications to pages to suggest how people with those disabilities might perceive it (along with a "normal" version of that page so that the content can be accessed as usual) Mchua (talk) 06:26, 14 February 2008 (UTC)
  • Ensure that an "audience" attribute exists for each piece of content. For example, "audience=GRADE3" or "audience=GRADE9". Personally, back when I tried to find content for my third grade daughter on one of the "how things work" dot com sites, the content was all written for students of ninth grade or above. If the content audience is known then we can create content that can be delivered to the right audience, if the audience is profiled. We can also create different versions of the same content, one for each grade level or for each level. And then decide what the definition of "level" is. This would allow us to create "scaleable" content specific to a profile. May 2008 (Mark.Lewis)


Good style for a wikislice:

  • Simple self-similar structure
  • Short page titles
  • Fairly balanced #s of entries in core topic areas
  • An icon for each major topic area
  • A goodly number of interlinks across the set of articles, for slicing tools that preserve blue internal links

The schools wikipedia is a fine model for icon to topic matching, though it doesn't do a great job of balancing.

Featured views[edit]

See reviews for 1.0 for groups identifying the best sets of articles by topic. Some of the most active topical efforts are via the Medical and Chemistry WikiProjects and Portals (see links above). Others pass through the more general peer review, though this takes quite some time.

Related projects[edit]

WikiProject Wikipedia-Books focuses on narrower collections of topically related articles which may be bound together in a printed book.

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