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Royal Society Women in Science editathon, Friday 11 October 2013 in London
(See here for background information).

Wikimedia UK, the MRC, the Royal Society and Cambridge AWiSE are organising a Women in Science themed editing event on Monday 25 November 2013 in Cambridge to celebrate Women in Science. We would like to create or add to the Wikipedia pages of female scientists (who tend to be under-represented on Wikipedia), and attract more female editors to the project. The panel discussion will also serve as a forum on women's experiences in science and diversity in the workforce more generally.

  • Date: Monday 25 November 2013; in two parts - editathon runs 10.30-18.00; panel 13.00-14.30.
  • Venue: [1], MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Francis Crick Avenue, Cambridge Biomedical Campus, Cambridge CB2 0QH
    • some older satnav systems may not have updated to the new LMB location, therefore the most reliable postcode to use with satnav is CB2 0RE
    • Parking facilities are limited - please let Rebecca know if you need a space (
  • Book: HERE - there are 20 places for the editathon, and 200 for the panel discussion.
  • Cost: Free
  • Twitter hashtag: #WISWIKI
  • Resources to edit: see below
  • Participants: The editing session is for Wikipedia newcomers to learn how to edit or anyone wanting to contribute. Female editors particularly encouraged to attend. Panel open to anyone interested in Women in Science topic.
  • Photos from the day:


2N260 Meeting room

  • 10.30-13.00 Welcome and editing lesson
  • 12.15 Lunch available for the editors and trainers (participants can edit through the lunch break)

Max Perutz Lecture Theatre

  • 13.00-14.30 Presentations by Mariann Bienz (Laboratory of Molecular Biology) and Nicola Hannam (Science Council), followed by panel discussion
  • 14.30 Tea and cake in the Lecture Theatre foyer

2N260 Meeting room

  • 14.30-18.00 editing session

At the workshop, representatives from Wikimedia UK will explain how Wikipedia works and answer questions about editing and improving Wikipedia articles. There will be access to collections and staff will be on hand to introduce the resources and provide guidance on finding information.

The day will begin with a tutorial on how to edit Wikipedia, and the attendees will be able to put this into practice after the panel discussion session, creating and editing articles.

In the middle of the event, there will be talks and a panel discussion open to a wider audience, on women's experiences in science, diversity in the scientific workforce more generally, together with how under-representation can be tackled in the future. This will be open to anyone who registers whether or not they attend the editathon.

Cambridge participants[edit]

Please register here.

Please bring your own laptop if you have one. Power points, WiFi and drinks refreshments will be available.

There will be a small number of computers available for use by those who do not have laptops. Please let Rebecca know if you do not have a laptop (

If you cannot attend, you are welcome to participate online - please register in the next section (below).

After you register, you can also add your Wikipedia user name here:

  1. User:Kings24
  2. User:Stardarks
  3. User:JudyWrightUniLeeds
  4. User:Teeh_shairt
  5. User:Ladywikling
  6. User:Sarah.Giles
  7. User:Smithy1975
  8. User:Trinity1972
  9. User:Myocean1
  10. User:Gillianallen
  11. User:Dockleave
  12. User:EllenCharman01
  13. User:Karen McTigue25
  14. User:Farlearn
  15. User:Bextaramas

Online participation[edit]

We welcome participants to communicate with us online:

  • Twitter hashtag: #WISWIKI
    • @wikimediauk
  • IRC: #wikimedia-uk

Online participants[edit]

  1. Jo Arendt
  2. User:CaitlinStewart

Suggested topics[edit]

LMB Alumni[edit]

Current LMB Staff[edit]

MRC staff (past and present)[edit]

Cambridge female scientists[edit]

Other female scientists[edit]

Articles created or expanded at the event[edit]




All of these will be accessible for people joining us in person - some also for online participants.

  • MRC digital resources will be accessible on the day on discs
  • The Wellcome Library - online resources can be accessed for free if you go to the library and register in person. There will be a member of staff from the Wellcome Library to help
    • There will also be c. 20 pre created accounts that in-person participants can use
  • MRC has created a guide of how to search for biographical information for this series of events see here.
  • Sections of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
  • Some LMB's own archives


  • The organisers access is at 10.00am.
  • There will be wifi provided.
  • There will be a projector in the room and extension leads.

Below is the list of trainers who will be present on the day.


Further information[edit]

For further information about the programme, please contact or Daria Cybulska at, 0207 065 0994.