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This is the worklist for WikiProject Women scientists. Help Wikipedia improve its coverage of women scientists by improving or starting one of these articles today!


Example articles to pull inspiration from[edit]

The articles in the Featured article and Good article categories can provide examples of good layout and content coverage.


  • Make sure to cite all of your contributions with reliable sources. Content that isn't cited can be removed!
  • After you write your article, be sure to add the project template, {{WPWS}}, to the talk page.
  • If there is a template on the article page regarding work that needs to be done on the article - if you successfully complete the task of fixing the problem, be bold and remove the template.

Articles to be created[edit]

Note: All new articles must satisfy Wikipedia's notability criteria; people on this list may or may not qualify.

Wikipedia Requests transclusion[edit]

Requests for Wikipedia:WikiProject Women scientists via Wikipedia Requests:

101 total open requests • 32 total completed requests

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Articles which exist on other Wikipedias[edit]

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Zoologists (German Wikipedia)
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Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh[edit]


To be expanded or improved[edit]

African American women in STEM fields[edit]

Improving visibility[edit]

Writing more articles about women who have made significant contributions in STEM is important, but there needs to be a simultaneous push to improve their visibility within the core of Wikipedia. At time of writing, the 1000 Wikipedia:Vital_articles contains no women out of the 10 articles allotted for Mathematics and Marie Curie is the only woman out of the 20 articles allotted for Inventors and Scientists. Seek to suggest and add women for vital article collections such as:


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Online resources[edit]

African American women in STEM[edit]