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The Wikipedia Signpost

The Report on Lengthy Litigation

By David Mestel, 21 May, 2007

The Arbitration Committee opened two cases this week, and closed no cases. The committee is also voting on whether to lift Dmcdevit's ban on Koavf (talk · contribs) without a full hearing. Currently, voting stands at 4/0/0/1, but some editors have expressed concerns over whether it is appropriate to deal with the case by summary motion.

New cases

Evidence phase

  • Abu badali: A case alleging that Abu badali (talk · contribs) has disruptively tagged non-free images for deletion, even when a valid fair-use justification exists, and has harassed editors who have complained about this behavior.
  • Piotrus: A case involving administrator Piotrus (talk · contribs) and other editors on Eastern Europe related articles. Multiple parties accuse others of edit warring, incivility, unethical behavior and biased editing. (An earlier arbitration case, Piotrus-Ghirla, was dismissed without prejudice in part due to inactivity of Ghirlandajo (talk · contribs), who was listed a party in the new case.)
  • TingMing: A case involving the actions of TingMing (talk · contribs). Ideogram (talk · contribs) alleges that he has engaged in "controversial edits", edit warring, incivility, and possibly sockpuppetry. TinMing denies the allegations, and alleges incivility on the part of Ideogram.

Voting phase

  • Zeq-Zero0000: A case involving the actions of Zeq (talk · contribs) and Zero0000 (talk · contribs). Zero alleges that Zeq has engaged in POV-pushing, while Zeq alleges that Zero has misused administrative tools in blocking him, the case in particular involving the question of whether probations, article bans, etc. can be enforced by involved admins. The arbitrators have considered several different versions of a principle covering to what degree involved administrators may enforce probation; none yet has majority support. A majority (between eight and ten) of the arbitrators have voted to advise Zero0000 not to take further administrative actions against Zeq, including enforcement of probation, and to admonish Zero0000 that editors who are not restricted in their editing of a page or area are entitled to be accorded good faith and be treated with respect and courtesy. Arbitrator Fred Bauder proposed banning Zeq from editing articles related to the Israel-Palestine conflict, but no other arbitrator has voted in support, and four have opposed.

Motion to close

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