William Noble (missionary)

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William Noble
Hangul 노보을 or 노블
Hanja 魯普乙
Revised Romanization No Bo-eul or Nobeul
McCune–Reischauer No Boŭl or Nobŭl

William Arthur Noble (born September 13, 1866 in Springville, PA; died January 6, 1945 in Stockton, CA), who published under the name W. Arthur Noble, was an American missionary of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Pyongyang, Korea and Seoul, Korea from 1892 to 1934. He was married to Mattie Wilcox Noble; their children included Ruth Noble Appenzeller Knight, Harold Joyce Noble, born January 19, 1903, who went on to become a Japanese language officer with the United States Marine Corps during World War II and later a United States diplomat in South Korea, Marine Biology professor at University of the Pacific and director of the Marine Research Laboratory at Dillon's Beach, CA, Alden Earl Noble, (1899-1961), and identical twins, Glenn Arthur Noble and Elmer Ray Noble, born January 16, 1909.


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