Williamson County Schools

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Williamson County Schools
Williamson County, Tennessee
United States
District information
Type Public
Grades K-12
Superintendent Dr Mike Looney
Accreditation Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
Schools 45
Budget $223,239,609
Students and staff
Students 38,100
Teachers 2,246
Staff 1,717
Athletic conference TSSAA
Other information
Website www.wcs.edu

Williamson County Schools (WCS) is a school district in Williamson County, Tennessee, United States. The district is currently made up of 38,100 students attending 44 schools,[1] with three new schools scheduled to open for the 2018–2019 school year.[2] The district is rapidly growing, adding over 1000 new students each year.[3]

Students who live within the K–8 Franklin Special School District zone attend WCS high schools, Centennial and Franklin after completing eighth grade.

WCS is the sixth largest school district in Tennessee.[4] Three high schools in the school system were ranked in Newsweek magazine's list of the top 1,000 public schools in the United States.[5]


Dr. Mike Looney, Superintendent[6]

Jason Golden, Deputy Director of Schools

Tim Gaddis, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning and Assessment (TLA)

Leslie Holman, Chief Financial Officer

Rebecca Owens, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

Dr. Charles Farmer, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Schools

Denise Goodwin, Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Schools

School Board[edit]

The Williamson County Board of Education consists of 12 members, each elected from of the 12 voting districts for a four-year term.[7]

First District: Angela Durham

Second District: Dan Cash

Third District: Eliot Mitchell

Fourth District: Anne McGraw, Vice Chairwoman

Fifth District: Gary Anderson, Chairman

Sixth District: Jay Galbreath

Seventh District: Sheila Cleveland

Eighth District: Candy Emerson

Ninth District: Rick Wimberly

Tenth District: Dr. Beth Burgos

Eleventh District: KC Haugh

Twelfth District: Nancy Garrett


Elementary schools[edit]

WCS operates 25 elementary schools, one of which is a K–8 school(Hillsboro, a National Blue Ribbon School).[8] The district plans to open two new elementary schools in 2018.[2]

  • Allendale Elementary (2010)
  • Bethesda Elementary (1936)
  • Chapman's Retreat Elementary (2003)
  • Clovercroft Elementary (2011)
  • College Grove Elementary (1936)
  • Crockett Elementary (1990)
  • Edmondson Elementary (1995)
  • Fairview Elementary (1962)
  • Grassland Elementary (1873)
  • Heritage Elementary (1999)
  • Hillsboro Elementary and Middle (1905)
  • Hunters Bend Elementary (1995)
  • Kenrose Elementary (1999)
  • Lipscomb Elementary (1866)
  • Longview Elementary (2007)
  • Mill Creek Elementary (2016)
  • Nolensville Elementary (1937)
  • Oak View Elementary (1993)
  • Pearre Creek Elementary (2010)
  • Scales Elementary (1977)
  • Sunset Elementary (2005)
  • Trinity Elementary (1883)
  • Walnut Grove Elementary (1990)
  • Westwood Elementary (2000)
  • Winstead Elementary (2002)
  • Unnamed Brentwood-area Elementary (2018)
  • Unnamed Thompson's Station-area Elementary (2018)

Middle schools[edit]

WCS Operates 10 middle schools, one of which is a K–8 school(Hillsboro, a National Blue Ribbon School).[9] The district plans to open a new middle school in the Thompson's Station area in 2018.[2]

  • Brentwood Middle (1972)
  • Fairview Middle (1981)
  • Fred J. Page Middle (1981)
  • Grassland Middle (1986)
  • Heritage Middle (2001)
  • Hillsboro Elementary and Middle (1905)
  • Mill Creek Middle (2016)
  • Spring Station Middle (2010)
  • Sunset Middle (2006)
  • Woodland Middle (1994)
  • Unnamed Thompson's Station-area Middle (2018)

High schools[edit]

WCS operates ten high schools throughout the district.[10] An additional high school in the central east area of the county is called for in the district's 5-year capital outlay plan.[11]

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