Windsor "Win" Horne Lockwood III

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Windsor "Win" Horne Lockwood III is a fictional character created by Harlan Coben. He is the secondary character in the Myron Bolitar series. While the best friend of hero Bolitar, Win would best be described as an anti-hero, being very psychopathic in nature. In many of the books, Myron and Win debate the ethical nature of various actions, often Win's.


Introduced in the first book of the series, Deal Breaker, Win is a 31-year-old bachelor working closely with Myron Bolitar, his best friend since college. Win is also very close to Esperanza Diaz, Myron's assistant (and later business partner) whom he meets through Myron.

Win's hair is described as blond, perfect length, parted on the left side. His features are classical patrician, almost too handsome, like something crafted in porcelain. His attire is always thoroughbred prep - pink shirts, polo shirts, monogrammed shirts, khaki pants, golf pants, white bucks (Memorial Day to Labor Day) or wing tips (Labor Day to Memorial Day) on his feet. He is even said to have a strange accent, one that did not originate from any particular geographical location as much as from his prep school, Exeter. He is an excellent golfer, with a three handicap; he is a fifth-generation member of Merion Golf Club in Philadelphia, and third-generation member at Pine Valley in southern New Jersey. He has a perennial "golf tan", one of those where the color could be found only in the arms (short-sleeve shirts) and a V-shape in the neck (open alligator shirt). It is also said that Win’s skin never gets tanned, instead his skin burns. People are said to hate him on sight for his looks and money.

In the novel Home Ema Wyatt, the hero of Mickey Bolitar series, Myron's nephew, and his girlfriend, appears as Win's secret daughter.


Win is a sixth-degree black belt holder in Tae Kwon Do, which is the highest ranking in the United States. He has been studying Tae Kwon Do since the age of five, and introduced Myron to Tae Kwon Do in college. Win brought an instructor, Master Kwan, from Korea fourteen years prior to the first novel to teach him Tae Kwon Do. Win loves to meditate, and does so at least an hour each day. His meditation method involves him sitting in the lotus position and watching sex tapes of himself with various prostitutes or one night stands. Throughout the books it is made clear that along with being one of the world's best hand-to-hand fighters Win is also proficient with a wide variety of weapons, at following people unseen, breaking and entering, interrogation and intimidation, marksmanship and well connected with intelligence agencies. Win and Myron worked for the FBI in an undisclosed manner prior to the start of the series. Win has continued to be a vigilante in various capacities throughout the series, often unbeknownst to Myron. In one of the more recent books it is shown that Win has been helping not only law enforcement in the USA but internationally, and that he may well be doing more vigilantism that ever. In the most recent books Win is now in his mid to late 40s and so it may be the case that he is trying to get as much done as possible before age forces him to retire, but this is speculation.

Win exhibits many traits that would class him as a high functioning psychopath. He shows no aversion to violence and seems to enjoy inflicting pain and killing those he believes deserve it. He has a very high sex drive and almost no emotional attachments to other humans, Myron makes up one of only a handful of people Win seems to have any care in the world for. It is frequently observed his relationships with women tend to last a night at most. He displays a high level of narcissism and can overreact to slights or threats.

Win does appear to have a moral code though it is not clear how strictly he follows it or what exactly it is. Win does not hurt innocents and indeed often sticks up for them, fighting for victims of abuse and persecution.

The origin of Win's maniacal drive to be a killing machine is partly revealed in 'Promise Me' when Win recalls taking a horrible beating as a young child from children his own age. He was terrified at the time and never again wanted to feel scared. This was his motivation to become a formidable fighter. It was noted in Back Spin though that Win was always cold even as a child and that he walked in on his mother cheating on his father at a young age, damaging that relationship irrevocably.

Win owns the well-established Lock-Horne Investments & Securities, and he also owns his office building. Lock-Horne Investments & Securities covers 6 floors. Win has a corner office with a view of both Forty-Seventh Street and Park Avenue.

Win and Myron are both fans of Batman, often referring to their transport as the "Batmobile". Win drives a racing green, 1998, Jaguar XJR, often breaking traffic laws by driving it well over double the speed limit.