Special Operations Regiment (Macedonia)

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Special Operations Regiment
Полк за Специјални Операции
Полк за специјални опрации.svg
Patch of Special Operations Regiment
Active1 March 1994
Country Republic of Macedonia
BranchSpecial Operations Regiment
TypeSpecial operations force
RolePrimary tasks:

Other roles:

  • Counter-drug operations
  • Hostage rescue
  • Personnel recovery
  • Hydrographic reconnaissance
Part ofSpecial Operations Regiment
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brigadier General Orce Jordev

The Special Operations Regiment (Macedonian: Полк за специјални операции) is the main special operations unit of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia. Under the command of the Special Operations Regiment are the Ranger Battalion as well as the Special Force Battalion "Wolves". The Wolves unit was formed on 1 March 1994. The Special Operations Regiment is responsible for defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Macedonia from foreign hostiles. This unit is fully compatible with NATO standards.


  • On the 1st March 1994 for the first time in the Army of the Republic of Macedonia a Special Purpose Unit was founded under the name of “the Wolves”;
  • It operated as Special Units Command from 2002-2003;
  • In December 2003 with the decision of the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of the Republic of Macedonia the unit is restructured into Special Purpose Squad;
  • In November 2006 the Unit is restructured into Special Operations Regiment (SOR).


Provides fully organized, trained and equipped units for performing special operations and specific conventional operations, independently or in cooperation with other units of the ARM and other coalition forces, in all weather and land conditions in peacetime, crisis and war so as to support peace and to prevent conflict as part of the overall efforts to support internal security and foreign policy of the Republic of Macedonia.


1. Focus on planning, organizing, equipping and training for successful execution of the mission; 2. Provide intelligence support for successful execution of the mission; 3. Provide ISTAR capabilities necessary for successful carrying out the mission of the ARM; 4. Share declared forces in planning, organizing and training in order to carry out operations within stabilization operations, peace maintenance, conflict prevention and regional conflicts and crisis management as part of and/or led by internationally agreed Alliances outside the Republic of Macedonia; 5. Cooperation (bilateral and multilateral) aimed at trust building and regional and global peace and stability promotion; 6. Performing operations in support of the Ministry of Interior forces in dealing with threats, risks and threats to the security and defense of the Republic of Macedonia. 7. Performing operations in support of the government institutions in the event of natural disasters and accidents on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. 8. Provide necessary combat and service support of units carrying out duties; 9. Ensure proper personnel management (human resources management); 10. Ensure proper financial management and budgeting; 11. Provide adequate CIS for the mission needs; 12. Provide effective civil and military relations, civilian structures coordination (governmental and non-governmental organizations and associations) in order to support the mission.

Missions outside the Republic of Macedonia[edit]

  • Special Operations Regiment from June 2003 to June 2008 attended by 11 contingents of rotations in the "Iraqi Freedom"
  • Participation in Peacekeeping "ISAF-Phoenix" in Afghanistan from May to December 2010
  • Participation of individuals within the missions in Bosnia, Lebanon and Afghanistan.

Received award:

  • Order of Merit assigned to 14/08/2012, the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Dr. Ivanov marking the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Army of Republic of Macedonia;
  • Medal for bravery ........................ 6 members;
  • "Bronze star" .................................. 8 members;
  • "Achievement medal" ...................... 43 members;
  • "ARCOM medal" ........................... 68 members;
  • "NATO medal" .............................. 46 members;
  • "Altea medal" ................................. 2 member.

Special Forces Battalion "Wolves"[edit]


On 1 March 1994, Special Forces Unit (6th Squad), called ‘Wolves’ was founded within the Army of Republic of Macedonia for the first time. In 1998, the first team formation of the unit was formed and it was renamed into Special Forces Unit. In 2001 the unit became a part of CTU (Counter terrorism unit), and after founding SU Command, it became a part of it as a Squad. In 2003, the unit was reformed into Special Forces Battalion.

The forming of this unit has marked the process of becoming professional army for ARM. Since the beginning the candidates for joining this unit have been selected through special selection criteria and they are required to be physically and mentally prepared, regardless of the rank.

Foreign missions[edit]

Special Operations Battalion took part in several peacekeeping missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The servicemen of Special Operations Battalion were awarded with a large number of medals of courage, merit and achievement, commendations, and similar awards.


  • To plan, organize, equip and train for conducting special operations in order to destroy and disable enemy forces and facilities;
  • To maintain the ability to organize, train, consult and help in peace support operations within or led by international organizations out of R. Macedonia;
  • To plan, organize, equip and train for operations supporting state institutions in case of natural disasters.

Rangers Battalion[edit]


The Rangers Battalion was formed in 2004. It consists of the former Reconnaissance battalion as well as servicemen from other ARM units. The Rangers Battalion has a respectable experience and is a significant ARM representative which is continually preparing for successfully conducting its mission.

Since 2004 the unit went through an intensive developing period and put maximum efforts improving the operative ability and is always ready to manage all challenges of the modern time.

As a result of its readiness and interoperability with NATO units, the deep in enemy territory observation unit as part of the Rangers Battalion in the period from 2007 to 2010 has successfully finished the self-assessment level 1, NATO assessment level 1 – CREVAL and self-assessment level 2 – TACEVAL.

The unit consists of professional staff educated and trained according to NATO programs and standards. The servicemen are young and psychophysically well prepared and motivated professionals who are trained for combat and are able to perform operations under different conditions.

Missions abroad[edit]

Members of the Rangers Battalion took part in a few peacekeeping missions in Iraq from 2004 to 2009 and in Afghanistan in 2010. The participants in the missions have been rewarded with a big number of certificates of appreciation and with medals and other stimulating decorations.



Name Type Caliber Origin
CZ 75 Pistol 9×19mm  Czech Republic
Daewoo DP-51 Pistol 9×19mm  South Korea
CZ-99/999 Pistol 9×19mm  Yugoslavia
H&K MP5 Submachine gun 9×19mm  Germany
M4 Assault rifle 5.56×45mm  United States
H&K G3 Assault rifle 7.62×51mm  Germany
Zastava M90 Assault rifle 5.56×45mm  Yugoslavia
Zastava M92 Assault rifle 7.62×39mm  Yugoslavia
Zastava M70 Assault rifle 7.62×39mm  Yugoslavia
M2 Browning Heavy machine gun 12.7x99mm  United States
M240 Machine gun 7.62×51mm  United States
M249 SAW Machine gun 5.56×45mm  United States
Zastava M84 Machine gun 7.62×54mm  Yugoslavia
Zvi Falcon Sniper rifle 12.7x108mm  Czech Republic
Sako TRG-42 Sniper rifle 12.7x57mm  Finland
SVD Dragunov Sniper rifle 7.62×54mm  Russia
Zastava BGA 30 Grenade launcher 30mm  Serbia
RBG-6 Grenade launcher 40mm  Croatia
M203 Grenade launcher 40mm  United States
GP-25 Grenade launcher 40mm  Russia
M80 Zolja Man-portable missile 64mm  Serbia /  Macedonia

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