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World Muslimah
World Muslimah Logo.png
Logo of Miss World Muslimah
Formation 2011
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Jakarta
Official language
Key people
Eka Shanty

The World Muslimah,[1][2] also known as Miss World Muslimah,[3] is an annual international beauty pageant and awards event for young Muslim women who are judged to have shown dedication, reputation and concern for Islamic values and community development. The event is run as an international charity event by the World Muslimah Foundation (WMF) to benefit relief of Muslim women in food crises, wars, conflicts and natural disasters.

The first World Muslimah Award was held online at 1 August 2011, and the first Grand Final was held 13 September in the same year.

The requirements are designed to be different from those of pageants like Miss World.[4] Contestants are required to demonstrate religious piety, to be positive role models and show a life of Muslim spirituality.[5]

The pageant[edit]

The contest was first held in 2011 and was then only open to Indonesians, but it was later opened up to international entrants.[citation needed] Before entering the World Muslim selection, the 20 finalists have to come to Jakarta, Indonesia to participate in a workshop which is divided into two themes.[citation needed]

  • Sholeha (pious) and Smart: participants focus on spiritual subjects including Quran memorization, the development of humanitarian intelligence, the challenges of Islam, woman and their future development, and being the best wife and mother in Islam.[citation needed]
  • Healthy, Wealthy, and Beauty: participants are briefed about fashion photography, fun walk, public speaking, presentation skills, fashion, beauty, style, and stage performance.[citation needed]

Recitation of Quran, along with performing both compulsory prayers and gaining more knowledge of Islam, are the finalists' daily activities during the duration of the event,[citation needed] even more so outside the event, because finalists are intended to be exemplary models of the ideal Muslimah.[6][7][8]

World Muslimah Foundation[edit]

The pageant is organized by the World Muslimah Foundation (WMF), a Muslim women's organization found in 2011.[better source needed][9]

Winning categories[edit]

Winners are announced in the following categories during the event:

  1. Winner Miss World Muslimah
  2. 1st Runner-Up World Muslimah
  3. 2nd Runner-Up World Muslimah
  4. The Best Al Qur'an Recitation
  5. The Most Talented Muslimah
  6. The World Netizen Muslimah
  7. The Most Favorite World Muslimah (online vote)
  8. The Most Inspiring Video Profile (online vote)


Year Country/Territory Conestant City Country National title Number of Entrants
2017  Algeria Klaodia Madmud Tehran  Iran TBA TBA
2016 No Pageant
2015 No Pageant
2014  Tunisia Fatma Ben Guefrache Yogyakarta  Indonesia Muslimah World Tunisia 18
2013  Nigeria Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola Jakarta Muslimah World Nigeria 20
2012  Indonesia Nina Septiani Muslimah World Indonesia 20
2011 Dika Restiyanti Muslimah World Indonesia 20

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