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Wrap, WRAP or Wrapped may refer to:

Storage and preservation[edit]

  • Gift wrap or wrap paper, used to enclose a present
  • Overwrap, a wrapping of items in a package or a wrapping over packages
  • Plastic wrap, a thin, clear, flexible plastic used to cover food
  • Shrink wrap, a polymer used to bundle boxes on a pallet for transport
  • Vehicle wrap, a coloured polymer used to cover a car's paintwork, for advertising purposes or as a cost-effective alternative to a re-spray

Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]




Other arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

Marketing and finance[edit]

  • Wrap account, a financial product/platform in which a brokerage manages an investor's portfolio for a flat quarterly or annual fee
  • Wrap advertising, a method of advertising on vehicles
  • Service wrap, a set of non-core services which are bundled with a core service


Products and services[edit]

  • Wrap (clothing), a skirt-like garment
  • Wrap (food), a food item where an outer shell is wrapped around another food item, often a standard sandwich filling or vegetables
  • Mud wrap, a type of spa treatment


Other uses[edit]

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