Xanthocyparis vietnamensis

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Xanthocyparis vietnamensis
Xanthocyparis vietnamensis.jpg
Scientific classification
X. vietnamensis
Binomial name
Xanthocyparis vietnamensis
Farjon & Hiep

Xanthocyparis vietnamensis, commonly known as the Vietnamese golden cypress, is a coniferous tree in the cypress family.


Xanthocyparis vietnamensis is endemic to Vietnam, being native only to the karst limestone mountains of the Hà Giang Province in northern Vietnam.[2]


It was first discovered by western scientists only in October 1999 and was shortly thereafter described as a new genus and species, namely Xanthocyparis vietnamensis, closely related to Nootka cypress (Xanthocyparis nootkatensis), which was also transferred to this new genus.[3] Subsequently, Little et al. (2004) pointed out that an earlier genus name Callitropsis had been given to Nootka cypress,[4] but this name was later abandoned in favour of Xanthocyparis.[5][6]


Xanthocyparis vietnamensis is designated as a Endangered[7] species, as only 560 individuals are known to exist, on only 10 km2 of habitat.[2]


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