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The following is a discography of UK pop production house Xenomania, put together by writer and producer Brian Higgins. Members of the Xenomania writing and production team include Nick Coler, Giselle Sommerville, Niara Scarlett, Miranda Cooper (who shares co-writing credits in nearly all Xenomania-written tracks), Lisa Cowling, Tim Powell, and Matt Gray. Xenomania also has their own in-house DJ and remixer, Tony Lamezma. They did have a second, Gravitas, but there has been no commercially released Gravitas remixes since 2005, the last one of these a remix of "Wake Me Up" by Girls Aloud.

Production discography[edit]


Year Artist Song Album
1997 Dannii Minogue "All I Wanna Do" Girl
"Heaven Can Wait"
"If It Moves-Dub it"
"It's Amazing"
"Movin' Up"
"Keep Up with the Good Times"
Saint Etienne "Stormtrooper in Drag" Continental
1998 Cher "Believe"[a] Believe
  • A ^ Original production; final version produced by Mark Taylor and Brian Rawling


Year Artist Song Album
2000 Moonbaby "Here We Go" N/A
"Deadlines & Diets"
"I'm Thru with Love"
"Kitsch Bitch Kool" B-side to "Here We Go"
2001 Cher "Alive Again" [B] Living Proof
"You Take It All" with Chicane
2002 Saint Etienne "Action Finisterre
"Shower Scene"
Sugababes "Round Round" Angels with Dirty Faces
"Angels with Dirty Faces"
2003 Alexis Strum "Nothing Good About This Goodbye" N/A
"State of Mind"
Chicane "Love on the Run" with Peter Cunnah Easy to Assemble
Natacha Atlas "Who's My Baby?" with Niara Scarlett Something Dangerous
"When I Close My Eyes" with Myra Boyle
"Quand Je Ferme Les Yeux"
Girls Aloud "Sound of the Underground" Sound of the Underground
"No Good Advice"
"Some Kind of Miracle"
"Life Got Cold"
"You Freak Me Out"
"Girls on Film"
"Lights, Music, Camera, Action!" B-side to "Life Got Cold"
"Grease" B-side to "Jump"
Mel Blatt "Do Me Wrong" Do Me Wrong
Abs "Miss Perfect" Abstract Theory
"7 Ways"
Lene "Here We Go" Play with Me
"We Wanna Party"
Sugababes "Hole in the Head" Three
"Situation's Heavy"
"In the Middle"
"Who" B-side to "Hole in the Head"
"Someone in My Bed" B-side to "Too Lost in You"
2004 Jem "Falling for You" Finally Woken
Jason Downs "Taste of the Action" The Spin
"Everything Is Love"
"Heaven & Hell"
"Dirty Mind"
Mania "Looking for a Place" N/A
"Money in My Pocket"
"Baby When You Go"
"I'm Not Shy"
"If You Need a Good Girl" B-sides to "Looking for a Place"
V "Hip to Hip" You Stood Up
Girls Aloud "The Show" What Will the Neighbours Say?
"Love Machine"
"I'll Stand by You"
"Wake Me Up"
"Deadlines & Diets"
"Big Brother"
"Hear Me Out"
"Graffiti My Soul"
"Real Life"
"Here We Go"
"Thank Me Daddy"
"I Say a Prayer for You"
"100 Different Ways"
"Androgynous Girls" B-side to "Love Machine"
"History" B-sides to "Wake Me Up"
"Loving Is Easy"
Kylie Minogue "Giving You Up" Ultimate Kylie
"Made of Glass" B-side to "Giving You Up"
"Loving You" N/A
2005 Saint Etienne "Lightning Strikes Twice" Tales from Turnpike House
"Stars Above Us"
"Got a Job" B-Sides & Others
Rachel Stevens "Nothing Good About This Goodbye" Come and Get It
"Funny How"
Sugababes "Red Dress" Taller in More Ways
"Ace Reject"
Bananarama "Middle of Nowhere" Drama
Texas "Can't Resist" Red Book
"Get Down Tonight"
"Bad Weather"
Girls Aloud "Intro" Chemistry
"Wild Horses"
"See the Day"
"Watch Me Go"
"Whole Lotta History"
"Long Hot Summer"
"Swinging London Town"
"It's Magic"
"No Regrets"
"Racy Lacey"
"I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday"
"I Wanna Kiss You So (Christmas in a Nutshell)"
"Jingle Bell Rock"
"Not Tonight Santa"
"White Christmas"
"Count the Days"
"Christmas Round at Ours"
"Merry Xmas Everybody"
"Nobody but You" B-side to "Biology"
"I Don't Really Hate You" B-side to "See the Day"
"Crazy Fool" B-side to "Whole Lotta History"
2006 Frank "I'm Not Shy" Devil's Got Your Gold
"Closer to Me"
"Don't Wait Up"
"Money in My Pocket"
"If the Devil's Got Your Gold"
"Turn It Up"
"All I Ever Do"
"Never Left a Girl"
"Wake Up"
"Palm of Your Hand"
"Mr. Beautiful" B-side to "I'm Not Shy"
Girls Aloud "Something Kinda Ooooh" The Sound of Girls Aloud
"I Think We're Alone Now"
"Hanging on the Telephone"
"Loving Is Easy"
"Sacred Trust"
"The Crazy Life" B-side to "Something Kinda Ooooh"
"Why Do It?" B-side to "I Think We're Alone Now"
Alesha Dixon "Knockdown" Fired Up
2007 Sophie Ellis-Bextor "If You Go" Trip the Light Fantastic
Sugababes "Never Gonna Dance Again" Change
"My Love Is Pink"
Franz Ferdinand "Sound and Vision" Radio 1 Established 1967
Girls Aloud "Call the Shots" Tangled Up
"Close to Love"
"Sexy! No No No..."
"Girl Overboard"
"Can't Speak French"
"Black Jacks"
"Control of the Knife"
"What You Crying For"
"I'm Falling"
"Crocodile Tears"
"Teenage Dirtbag" Radio 1 Established 1967
"Theme to St. Trinian's" St. Trinian's: The Soundtrack
"On My Way to Satisfaction"
"Dog Without a Bone" B-side to "Sexy! No No No..."
"Blow Your Cover" B-side to "Call the Shots"
"Hoxton Heroes" B-sides to "Can't Speak French"
"Je ne parle pas Français"
2008 Gabriella Cilmi "Save the Lies" Lessons to Be Learned
"Sweet About Me"
"Got No Place to Go"
"Don't Wanna Go to Bed Now"
"Awkward Game"
"Cigarettes and Lies"
"Sit in the Blues"
"Echo Beach"
"Round and Round"
"Warm This Winter"
"This Game" B-side to "Sweet About Me"
"Cry Me a River" B-sides to "Save the Lies"
"Fly Me to the Moon"
"Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Life Goes On)" Mojo Presents: The White Album Recovered, Vol. 1
Girls Aloud "The Promise" Out of Control
"The Loving Kind"
"Rolling Back the Rivers in Time"
"Love Is the Key"
"Turn to Stone"
"Fix Me Up"
"Love Is Pain"
"Miss You Bow Wow"
"Revolution in the Head"
"Live in the Country"
"We Wanna Party"
"She" B-side to "The Promise"
"Memory of You" B-side to "The Loving Kind"
"It's Your Dynamite" B-side to "Untouchable"
Saint Etienne "Burnt Out Car" (Xenomania 2008 Mix) London Conversations: The Best of
Alesha Dixon "Cinderella Shoe" The Alesha Show
"The Boy Does Nothing"
"Play Me"
"Italians Do It Better"
"Ooh Baby I Like It Like That"
"I'm Thru"
"The Light"
"Mystery" (hidden track)
2009 Pet Shop Boys "Love etc." Yes
"All Over the World"
"Beautiful People"
"Did You See Me Coming?"
"More Than a Dream"
"Building a Wall"
"King of Rome"
"The Way It Used to Be"
Vagabond "Don't Wanna Run No More" You Don't Know the Half of It
"I Know a Girl"
"I've Been Wanting You"
"I Said Hello"
"Sweat (Until the Morning)"
"Smile of Mona Lisa"
"Clouded Circus"
"I Hope You Know Better"
"You Talk to Me"
Annie "My Love Is Better" Don't Stop
"Bad Times"
"When the Night"
"Heaven and Hell"
"Danny, Danny" B-side to "I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me"
"Sweet" All Night EP
Mini Viva "Left My Heart in Tokyo" Cancelled
"I Wish"
Jessie Malakouti "Standing Up for the Lonely N/A
Alesha Dixon "The Light" The Alesha Show - Encore
Banned of St Trinian's "Theme to St. Trinian's" St. Trinian's II: The Legend of Fritton's Gold Soundtrack
"Up and Away"
"We Got the Beat"
"I Can Get What I Want"
"Jump Off"
Sarah Harding "Too Bad"
"Make It Easy"
"Boys Keep Swinging"
Cast of St Trinian's "Theme to St. Trinian's"
  • B ^ with Chicane, Ray Hedges, Mark Emmitt and Nigel Butler


Year Artist Song Album
2010 Alex Gardner "I'm Not Mad" N/A
Florrie "Call 911" N/A
Gabriella Cilmi "Hearts Don't Lie" Ten
Mini Viva "One Touch" Cancelled
Kylie Minogue "Heartstrings" (Bonus track on Japanese release) Aphrodite
"Mighty Rivers" (Bonus track on iTunes release)
Florrie "Call of the Wild" Introduction
"Give Me Your Love"
"Summer Night"
"Left Too Late"
2011 Florrie "Speed of Light" Experiments
"Experimenting with Rugs"
"What You Doing This For?"
"I Took a Little Something"
"Begging Me"
"She Always Gets What She Wants"
The Saturdays "All Fired Up" On Your Radar
"Get Ready, Get Set"
The Wanted "I'll Be Your Strength" Battleground
Rebecca Ferguson "Mr. Bright Eyes" Heaven
2012 Florrie "Shot You Down" Late
"I'm Gonna Get You Back"
"Every Inch"
"To the End"
Amelia Lily "You Bring Me Joy" Be a Fighter
Rebecca Ferguson "Good Days, Bad Days" Heaven
Little Mix "Pretend It's OK" DNA
Girls Aloud "Something New" Ten
"Every Now and Then"
2013 Amelia Lily "Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)" Cancelled
"Party Over"
Florrie "Live a Little" Live a Little
2014 Florrie "Seashells" Sirens
"Free Falling"
The Saturdays "What Are You Waiting For?" Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits
2017 Liv Lovelle "Won't Say Too Much" Upcoming Album
Mollie King "Hair Down" Upcoming Album
Nadine Coyle "Go To Work" Upcoming Album
2019 unperfect "Gots To Give The Girl" N/A

Xenomania remix discography[edit]





  • Junia - It's Funny





  • Alexis Strum - Addicted



Tony Lamezma remix discography[edit]






Gravitas remix discography[edit]





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