Xirka Ġieħ ir-Repubblika

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Xirka Ġieħ ir-Repubblika
Awarded by  Malta
Type Order
Motto "Għall-Ġid tal-Maltin" (for the benefit of the Maltese)
Awarded for exceptional merit in the service of Malta or, humanity as a whole
Status Currently constituted
Head of the Order President of Malta
Grades Member
Honorary Member
Next (higher) Companions of Honour of the National Order of Merit[1]
Next (lower) Companion of the National Order of Merit[1]
MLT Xirka Gieh ir-Repubblika BAR.svg
Ribbon bar of the order

The Xirka Ġieħ ir-Repubblika is a society of honour that offers membership to those who have demonstrated exceptional merit in the service of Malta or of humanity. Its motto is Għall-Ġid tal-Maltin ('For the Benefit of the Maltese').


The Xirka is limited to twenty members. With the exception of honorary members, the number of new members may not exceed three persons for every two years. Once the maximum number of members has been met, a new member cannot be appointed until a vacancy occurs.

Maltese nationals and distinguished citizens of other countries may be appointed as honorary members of the Xirka.

Members and honorary members are legally entitled to have the initials "S.G." (Sieħeb il-Ġieħ) placed after their names.


The Badge of the Order, an enameled representation of La Valletta's Bartizan, is surrounded by a white band with golden inscriptions. The order's motto appears at the top and its name, "Ġieħ ir-Repubblika" at the bottom. The whole is surrounded by a gold and green wreath of laurel leaves. Additionally, hanging over a golden dove resting on a golden band is the order's s date of establishment: 1975.

The breast-star of the Order has the same design as the badge, but resting on a radiating golden sun.

The ribbon of the Order is red with two white borders.

Notable honorary members[edit]


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