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A Yakult lady in Japan

A Yakult lady (ヤクルトレディー; Yakuruto redi-), also known as an Yakult auntie (ヤクルトおばさん; Yakuruto obasan), is a woman who sells Yakult products as an employee and/or delivers the products to individuals at their homes. In order to promote good health, they sell and market Yakult products while riding bicycles, motorcycles, or other automobiles. Men such as Kazuhisa Ishii have also worked as Yakult "ladies".

There have been many cases in which a Yakult lady's social standing has become more like that of an entrepreneur than that of a part-time worker. They are fairly similar to retail stores licensed to sell the products by Yakult themselves. Yakult is sold in 31 countries around the world, but Yakult ladies only sell and distribute in Asian countries such as China and Indonesia, as well as Central and South American countries such as Brazil. Although Yakult is sold in Western countries, they do not have Yakult ladies.