Yamaha SY22

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Manufacturer Yamaha
Dates 1990 - ?
Technical specifications
Polyphony 16
Timbrality 8
Synthesis type 4-Operatoren-FM Digital Frequency modulation 12-bit Digital 1 MB Samplebased Rom - 22 kHz Sample-based Vector
Keyboard 61 keys, velocity-sensitive, channel aftertouch
Left-hand control Pitch-bend, modulation wheel, Vectorstick x,y (Controller #15, #16)
External control MIDI

The SY22 is a combined FM/sample-based synthesizer introduced by Yamaha in 1990, building on the vector synthesis technology developed by Sequential Circuits prior to their demise and takeover by Yamaha in 1987. A joystick allows the user to 'morph' between four different sound sources; two FM, and two sample-based. These joystick movements can be recorded and repeated for each note played.