Yang Jianhou

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Yang Jianhou
Born 1839 (1839)
Died 1917 (aged 77–78)
Style Yang-style taijiquan
Notable students Yang Chengfu (杨澄甫),
Tian Zhaolin (田兆麟)
Yang Jianhou
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

Yang Jianhou (1839–1917), or Yang Chien-hou, was the younger son of the founder of Yang-style t'ai chi ch'uan, Yang Luchan, and a well known teacher of the soft style martial art of t'ai chi ch'uan (taijiquan) in late Qing dynasty China.[1] Yang's older brother, Yang Pan-hou, was the senior of Jianhou's generation, and also an important instructor of t'ai chi ch'uan.[2] Yang Jianhou's sons Yang Chengfu and Yang Shao-hou were also famous teachers of t'ai chi ch'uan.[1][3]

T'ai chi ch'uan lineage tree with Yang-style focus[edit]


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