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For the ancient, Biblical city, see Jezreel (city)
For the valley, see Jezreel Valley.
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Yizre'el is located in Israel
Coordinates: 32°33′41.75″N 35°19′19.92″E / 32.5615972°N 35.3222000°E / 32.5615972; 35.3222000Coordinates: 32°33′41.75″N 35°19′19.92″E / 32.5615972°N 35.3222000°E / 32.5615972; 35.3222000
District Northern
Council Gilboa
Affiliation Kibbutz Movement
Founded 20 August 1948
Founded by Demobbed Palmach soldiers
Population (2015) 566[1]
Website www.yizrael.org.il
Kibbutz stable in 1949

Yizre'el (Hebrew: יִזְרְעֶאל‎) is a kibbutz in north-eastern Israel. Located in the Jezreel Valley near Afula, it falls under the jurisdiction of Gilboa Regional Council. In 2015 it had a population of 566.[1]


The kibbutz was established on 20 August 1948 by demobilised Palmach soldiers just to the west of the remains of the depopulated Arab village of Zir'in, the remains of which were still to be seen in 1984. It was named after the ancient city of Jezreel, which was located in the area allotted to the tribe of Issachar (Joshua 19:18).[2] On 6 September 1969 it became one of the first kibbutzim to abandon the system of children sleeping in communal houses, and instead to allow them to live with their parents.[3]

Yizre'el has been a major centre for rugby union in Israel since the 1970s, when a group of South Africans from there helped give the national game a major push.[4]


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