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Yoni Wolf (formerly known by his stage name Why?) is an American alternative hip hop and indie rock artist based in Berkeley, California. His discography consists of twelve studio albums, eight EPs, three compilations of demos, one compilation album, four live albums, numerous physical singles, and many production and remix credits and guest appearances on other artists' tracks.



  • Part Time People Cage... or Part Time Key? (1999) (as Why?)
  • Oaklandazulasylum (2003) (as Why?)


Clouddead (Yoni Wolf with Doseone & Odd Nosdam)

Greenthink (Yoni Wolf with Doseone)

  • It's Not Easy Being... (1998)
  • Blindfold (1999)

Other collaborations


  • Crazy Hitman Science (1999) (with Doseone, Jel, et al., as Blud N Gutz)
  • Split EP! (2001) (as Why?, with Odd Nosdam)
  • Miss Ohio's Nameless (2001) (with Odd Nosdam, Doug McDiarmid, Chris Messick & John Meinkin, as Miss Ohio's Nameless)
  • The Peel Session (2001) (Clouddead)
  • Early Whitney (2003) (as Why?)
  • Sanddollars (2005) (with Why?)
  • Rubber Traits EP (2006) (with Why?)
  • Sod in the Seed (2012) (with Why?)


  • Old Dope (Rap Tape) (2014)
  • Snowjams (Covers Tape) (2014)

Demo albums[edit]

  • Alopecia: The Demos!! (2008) (with Why?)
  • Eskimo Snow Demos (2009) (with Why?)
  • Mumps, Etc. Etc.: The Demos 2007-2011 (2012) (with Why?)

Live albums[edit]


  • "Attack of the Postmodern Pat Boones / Cannibalism of the Object Beings" (2000) (Object Beings)
  • "Apt. A" (2000) (Clouddead)
  • "And All You Can Do Is Laugh" (2000) (Clouddead)
  • "I Promise Never to Get Paint on My Glasses Again" (2001) (Clouddead)
  • "Jimmy Breeze" (2001) (Clouddead)
  • "Cloud Dead Number Five" (2001) (Clouddead)
  • "Bike" (2001) (Clouddead)
  • "So Long, Mike Pt. 1 / Black Light District" (2001) (with Odd Nosdam, as MadToons Beat Orchestra)
  • "The Sound of a Handshake / This About the City" (2002) (Clouddead)
  • "Dead Dogs Two" (2004) (Clouddead)
  • "Dumb Hummer" (2006) (with Why?)
  • "The Hollows" (2007) (with Why?)

Guest appearances[edit]

Remix credits[edit]

  • Fog - "What a Day Day (Remix)" from What a Day Day (2003)
  • Themselves - "Poison Pit (remix)" from The No Music of AIFFs (2003)
  • 13 & God - "Into The Trees (Remix)" from "Men of Station" (2005)
  • Thee More Shallows - "Freshman Remix" from Monkey vs. Shark (2006)
  • Bracken - "Heathens (Redone by Alias And Why?)" from "Heathens" (2006)