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Yusuf Abdulla Yusuf Akbar Alireza (born August 1970)[1] was the chief executive officer (CEO) of Noble Group, the Hong Kong energy conglomerate, and a Fortune Global 500 company, before being fired in May 2016.[2]

He was born in Bahrain.[3]


Yusuf Alireza received a joint master’s and bachelor’s degree from the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. He completed his bachelor’s studies in international economics, pursuing a master’s degree in international relations and affairs.[4]


Yusuf Alireza became chief executive officer and executive director of Noble Group in April 2012,[5] succeeding Ricardo Leiman as the head of the Hong Kong-based global supply chain manager of energy and agricultural products. Alireza transitioned the company to an asset-light model and was forced to sell the firm’s Noble Agri business to the Chinese company Cofco Corp after Noble was accused of fraud by Iceberg Research.[6] He was fired in May 2016 after Noble's share price fell by 76%.[7][8]

Prior to joining Noble Group, he was co-president of Goldman Sachs's Asia operations, excluding Japan, and a member of the firm’s Global Management Committee.[3] He began working at Goldman Sachs New York in 1992, transferring to the firm’s London office in 1997 and becoming the Head of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) sales and structuring efforts. He relocated to Hong Kong in 2008, where he managed the Asia Pacific securities division of Goldman Sachs.[9]


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